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  1. Woohoo it's working with the new patch! Thanks for your continued support.
  2. When can we expect to get an update ( fix the Simbrief not working in X-Plane). It's been a while since we've had an update.
  3. Briefly tested with PD3V5 and MSFS and happy to report the message is now gone and the flight plan from Simbrief now appears ( MC website dl of The flight plane not appearing still persists in X-Plane 11 and 12.
  4. Thanks for your detailed response. Like I stated earlier MC is a great program when it's working no question there. So far the problems I've encountered with MC not working properly is connected to MC and not the other programs like PD3V3/MSFS or X-Plane. Almost all the other add on programs I have work most of the time with PD3V5/MSFS and X-Plane. MC though I like it alot doesn't work most of the time. I own both the complete registered PD3V5/MSFS and X-Plane-11/12 versions. I am hoping that in a couple of days I can return here with good news about how MC is now working great after the latest fix.
  5. I just recently got the previous patch working now broke it again. It's exhausting trying to get this program to work. When it does work it's great but then along comes something like a patch and sends everything to broken and so the pattern seems to repeat itself. For example, I just got this message AGAIN with this recent patch. I tried to re-install the new patch but MC website download for PD3V5/MSFS wasn't working. I am spending more time trying to get this program to work than actually flying.
  6. It must have been a fluke because it's now working for a couple of days and it's fixed itself. Happy with the recent updates.
  7. I spoke to soon last night it was working now this morning same problem. What I meant by CTD is MC wants to shut down asks for restart of flight the start MC again but it does the same shut down again.
  8. Installed latest version 3.02 and still no Simbrief loading in MC menu under ATC drop down in PDV5, MSFS, or X-Plane-11.
  9. Ok now something else. I downloaded the latest build only to have a new never seen before message ("In order to allow co-pilot to control switches accurately please restart the flight not the simulated then restart MCPE") and it crashes MSFS whenever MC is loaded. administrative rights required
  10. Native ATC I noticed in "mce" under Options>ATC there is no value FlightPlansPath=
  11. The can't connect to Simbrief message is gone and the proper window appears in the MC menu but the waiting for Simbrief message now appears and remains and no flight plan information appears.
  12. Followed the directions and it doesn't work. Does not communicate correctly with Simbrief. I have other aircraft and programs that communicate with Simbrief without issue, so I know it's not on my end.
  13. I am new to this and have read alot of forum posts and many of the posts are a bit above my pay grade and confusing. Here is my problem I have Little Nav Map which is fantastic. I enter a F-Plan I get no errors. I load up Prepare v5 and the A2A Bonanza with the RealityXP 530. All is good so far. I go to Flight Plan in the 530 and load my correctly saved Flight Plan (from the correct format and location) and it loads fine no errors all is still good. Now this is where I am having alot of "what am I missing" for hours. I can't get the flight plan to load up on the screen so I can fly it with my autopilot. I tried clicking everywhere and read through Flight planning in the 530 and Little Nav Map pdfs. Searched the forums and Youtube. I am stumped. Any help would be appreciated. I entered all the departure legs in the FP. Do I have to enter the departing airport and arrival in the 530? That would be no good since I have the most recent FP information loaded in Little Nav Map. Well I sorted some of the flight plan issues. Now I have to figure out how much RealtyXP 530/430 are or are not in line with Navigraph. I am importing flight plans from Little Nav Map which I believe are up to date with Navigraph. I'll have to pull out my Navigraph charts.
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