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  1. surfcandy

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    You have to PAY for an update download once the regular allocated download period has ended....period. I hope that makes it clear enough.
  2. surfcandy

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    That is exactly what FSPiliotshop does.
  3. Any documentation about if REX Sky Force 3D or REX Worldwide Airports HD causes any problems with PD3v4 especially in the fps or stuttering department?
  4. surfcandy

    Prepar3d v4 Known Issues

    How are you saving flights then when ther is a CTD or just continuing later with your flights?
  5. surfcandy

    Prepar3d v4 Known Issues

    That's what I am thinking that the increased sim speeds along with a unstable save feature messed things up. I tried to lower settings and "Delete Generated Files" with no luck the sim was already gone into stuttering mode. How about REX Sky Force 3D for P3Dv4 any word on that new program and known documented stuttering issues? Like you said FSUIPC and sim speeds could very well be the problem and I will avoid use of auto save in FSUIPC. How about using the single one time feature save in FSUIPC initiated by me? I need some type of save feature that works and doesn't break the game especially on long Trans- Atlantic flights.Thanks
  6. surfcandy

    Prepar3d v4 Known Issues

    1) i7-7700K CPU @4.20 GHz Windows 10 Nvidia 1080Ti w/ 11GB 32 GB system memory ram 2) http:// http:// http:// http:// 3) Active Sky for P3Dv4 with Active Sky Cloud Art 4) REX Sky Force 3D for P3Dv4, REX Worldwide Airports HD, PTA , (Envtex/Envshade very rarely and never with Rex Sky Force 3D). * System drivers are all kept up to date and Registry cleaned out periodically. All of the above were working and playing well together for several days. The problem occurred after loading alot of saves from FSUIPC and running the sim with the likes of PMDG 737 and Areosoft Airbus's complexity in a flight plan at 4x-8x increased sim speed. Maybe that did something or it was just the timing. I hope I can fix this otherwise it may very well happen again. Thanks.
  7. surfcandy

    Prepar3d v4 Known Issues

    Will gather pics and information and post when I get home.
  8. surfcandy

    Prepar3d v4 Known Issues

    Are any of these known issues that cause problems(especially causing stuttering even with high fps 50fps+)with Prepar3d v4? * FSUIPC5's auto saves being re-loaded several times a gaming session *Prepar3D' sim's(from drop down menu) SIMULATION SPEED INCREASE from 2x to 8x used alot of the times with loaded FSUIPC saves and regular long flights. * Areosoft's new Airbus 318-319 Professional for PD3v4 I have made this a separate post in the hope that someone else has experience with these situations.
  9. surfcandy

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    With their policy of charging for re-downloading I will from this day on NEVER buy anything from them regardless of the price and to add their customer service response time is the worst I have encountered with online stores and I fly with different simulators and addons from many many companies. Stay away from them they are bad news.
  10. surfcandy

    Pilot2ATC Workshop by Captain K-Man

    Thank You!
  11. surfcandy

    ChasePlane looses settings

    It is only one setting on the Hotas that's causing the problem and doesn't hold the setting.
  12. Can't figure out why chaseplane looses settings when restart sim. I am set up for the same joystick commands across multiple presets for various aircraft with no conflicts. Works fine until I exit and return and the command on the throttle doesn't respond anymore and needs to be re-mapped.
  13. I can't find the metar.rwx file in X-Plane 11 that stores real time weather for Real Weather Connector. I don't think one is produced by Real Weather for real time flights that can be updated during a flight. Pilot2ATC seems to say use NOAA then. So I'll be flying with Real Weather/SkyMaxx and NOAA. Seems like possible conflicts.
  14. Thanks but that isn't my question. I'd like to know how to connect Pilot2ATC to the weather programs I have listed in my OP. I know how to use NOAA but am concerned NOAA and Real Weather will not produce the same results during a flight.
  15. How could Pilot2ATC connect to Real Weather when I have SkyMaxx and Real Weather installed in X-Plane 11? There are links in Pilot2ATC that work no problem to Active Sky P3d or FSX .