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  1. Don't waste your money subscription is for one year only and requires a paid renwal at the end of the year. Also other programs do what this program does and does it better with lifetime updates.
  2. What are you guys using because the stock 430 is terrible to work with for me.
  3. Would someone be so kind to explain what exactly Bernt's patch does because If I didn't notice the patch I probably wouldn't have noticed any difference.
  4. Thanks for the informative answer Jim and the EX version has the Bernt FDE already build in at release from what I've read. I can't understand why Carenado didn't just update their installer to include it in the HD version if that's the case.
  5. Then why isn't it offered in a patch for the X-Plane 11 version?
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I am still wondering what exactly Bernt's FDE patch actually fixes and changes in the aircraft. and why I would need it.
  7. What exactly does Bernt Stolle's FDE actually do different to the aircraft? Also Bernt suggests to "Suggest to rename the original 208 air file or to change the file extension. If you don't and you add repaints the might end up using the old airfile." By extension I am assuming he means the.air file I removed the .air extention on the old file and renamed the file and then replaced it with Bernt's 208ng.air file. Why not just delete it though why remove extension and rename it? Then again why not just rename the old .air file with the new file from Bernt?
  8. I was talking about importing flight plans from a third party service like Simbrief or something similar.
  9. Simply put is there a way to import flight plans to any Carenado aircraft.
  10. Yes I own the 750/650 F1 I'll be adding your great mod but first I want to play around with the G1000 for awhile. Thank You.
  11. purchased Carenado - EMB505 Phenom 300 - HD Series
  12. Thanks for the comments but I still have the question.
  13. I know Carenado is not typically a "study aircraft". What I am looking for is what Jets or Regional Aircraft come close to study level and if you believe none do then please tell why.
  14. I am only asking about Carenado. I know about the rest.
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