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  1. NextUp sells voices from Nuance, Ivona, AT&T, etc. Ivona and Nuance are the best sounding. Nuance is a bit cheaper than Ivona. http://nextup.com/purchase.html
  2. I have been installing as many of the English language packs as possible to see how many voices I can get that are compatible with Pilot2ATC. So far, I have only found 3 that are the SAPI5 versions. The English (United States) gets you David and Zira, and the English (United Kingdom) gets you Hazel. All the other English language packs that have voices are the Speech to Text Mobile voices that are not compatible with Pilot2ATC. I may bite the bullet and actually pay to buy one or two. I really want at least 4: Center, Approach, Tower/Ground/ATIS, and Co-Pilot. Ultimately, it would be great to have separate voices for all the functions, but the voices start at $30 a pop!!!
  3. @howevr I don't see that I need to rethink my request at all. As a professional software developer myself for 25 years, I welcome when a paying customer takes the time to provide feedback on how they can get more utility and benefit from the software I work so hard to create. Like many flight simmers, I look for variety in my experiences to add to the fun and realism. PilotEdge, VatSim and IVAO are all great organizations, but they only provide live ATC coverage in specific geographies at specific times. For pilots that like to use live ATC systems, Pilot2ATC still provides tons of value by providing an ATC function when flying outside those times, or those geographies because it is available 24x7 and everywhere. Allowing me to integrate the moving map and flight planning into my normal flight systems, but choosing to mix and match the ATC function with other Live ATC services when they are available, doesn't detract from the benefit provided by Pilot2ATC, it actually increases it, and helps ensure that I remain a paying customer as future upgrades of Pilot2ATC become available. @Dave-Pilot2ATCThanks for the update Dave. I know I have been reporting a lot of issues since I started using Pilot2ATC, but on the flipside of that, I am also using it everyday, and really enjoying so much of the functionality.
  4. Just happened again tonight. Not filing the flight plan doesn't seem to help since it still matches ATC phrases and then tells you to contact X on frequency Y, etc. It's impossible to keep it running when it keeps talking over me everytime I contact ATC. I have the PTT button disabled on as well (all the buttons actually), and it is still responding? How can it even know I am transmitting if I have the PTT button disabled? Very frustrating. It would be nice if a future version had a simple way to disable the ATC. The application still has a lot of functionality in case you are flying on VatSim, or IVAO, etc.
  5. Thanks Dave, I will give that a go :) I think maybe Pilot2ATC might need to be restarted after some configuration changes for them to stick (which I didn't do since I already had my whole flight plan setup). I will try a complete restart next time as well.
  6. How do you turn off just the ATC? I was trying to do a flight on PilotEdge tonight but I wanted to keep Pilot2ATC up for the flight planning and moving map. I went into config and cleared the Push-To-Talk button (it said disabled), but it still kept responding to my voice commands. I had to shut it down and continue my flight without it.
  7. I find that Pilot2ATC has some unusual restrictions with regard to adding a visual approach for IFR flight plans. Normally it seems that if you try to file an IFR flight plan without an instrument approach, you an error dialog suggesting you add the recommended approach, or manually add one. It won't file the flight plan. Visual approach is not provided as an option for manually adding an approach. Recently I was filing an IFR plan to an airport that didn't have any instrument approaches so it automatically added a visual approach.and generated waypoints for the visual approach to the active runway (nice feature). a) Why is it required that I pre-select an approach to file a flight plan? b) I feel like I should be able to select and assign a visual approach for any IFR flight plan.
  8. It doesn't look like the Grammer helper and examples in Pilot2ATC include the calling station, even when the request would usually be the initial contact. That's a bit confusing since it is recommending calls that are not standard with how they would be performed in the real world?
  9. I am using X-Plane 11. It does seem that with the RWDesigns Hawker 4000 if I hit the Altitude reporting in-sim, it does not register in the Pilot2ATC panel. I have to then switch it off, and back on for it to register. That being said, I am flying right now and still having the problem, even though the XPDR and Mode are both shown correctly in Pilot2ATC. It also seems to have borked ATC for yet another flight. After taking off from an untowered field it just keeps telling me to SQUAK 4562. I never got any further instructions to climb, or resume navigation, so another failed flight. Any how do you attach images in this stupid forum? I have screenshots showing I have the squak code active, and yet when I contact approach it just keeps asking me to squak. Getting a bit tired that it is always suggested I am doing something wrong when this software just never works. I have all my ratings from PilotEdge for VFR and IFR. I know how to make my ATC calls (I am using your grammer help page as well), and I know what to expect from ATC.
  10. I will grab screenshots the next time it happens. Thanks.
  11. Roger wilco :)
  12. Every time I get a frequency change, it assigns me the same squak code over and over.
  13. I tried out the trial version of Pilot2ATC and it worked for a couple of flights so I went ahead and purchased it yesterday. I have v2.3.0.2 installed and am using with X-Plane 11. So far, after trying it on about a dozen flights, I have managed to complete only 2 without a problem. I have a Zotac Magnus E1060 mini-gaming PC with an NVidia GTX1060 6MB card. My CPU and Memory all seem fine while running X-Plane and Pilot2ATC seem fine (CPU isn't maxed all the time or anything like that). Certainly my PC is not hanging, and X-Plane continues to fly fine regardless of the issues with Pilot2ATC. Issues in no particular order: 1. Hangs filing a flight plan. I have tried re-starting multiple times, but it often just hangs trying to file a flight plan. It validates, but hitting the File button just shows the wait mouse cursor forever. I read another thread so I have tried switching between NOAA and SIM weather - no difference. 2. ATC request pops up an unknown system error dialog, then ATC stops responding. The rest of the application continues to work, but once you get that error message popup about an *unknown system error*, ATC is gone. There is no way to restart just the ATC voice stuff without restarting the whole flight. 3. Sometimes the map works ok, often it is just painfully slow. It sometimes fails to refresh correctly leaving big blank sections of the map. 4. Config pops up unknown system error. Trying to open (or often when closing) the config screen, a system dialog with an unknown error pops up. After that, things might work or not. Sometimes the whole app starts to choke with a (Not Responding) showing in the title bar on and off, etc. Suggestions?