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  1. X-Plane 11.20 Windows 10 March 2018 Update Pilot2ATC x64 I know this is going to sound strange, but I have verified the problem is with Pilot2ATC and can reproduce the issue consistently. 1. Boot up any aircraft in X-Plane that is using the Laminar G1000 (e.g. the Cirrus Vision SF-50). 2. Use the scroll wheel or mouse click region on the COM radio frequency (they should work normally). 3. Start Pilot2ATC and connect to X-Plane. 4. Use the scroll wheel or mouse click region on the COM radio frequency. After connecting with Pilot2ATC scrolling or clicking the COM1 dial will result in significantly jumpy/uneven increment/decrement behavior including the frequency incrementing or decrementing randomly in the wrong direction from the scroll/click direction. As soon as I disconnect Pilot2ATC, the COM1 frequency dial immediately begins to work correctly again.
  2. Kawfee Bassie

    Download Previous Version?

    I fully uninstalled, downloaded the latest and then tried to reinstall. I am not sure why the installer was having such a problem. I rebooted my computer, and it still seemed to fail to start. Suddenly about 10 mins later the install screen showed up and I proceeded to do a fresh install. I then updated the Navigraph to the latest AIRAC and then gave it a try. The freezing and hanging does not seem to be fixed and the latest version does seem to stable now. I use SkyMaxx with the NOAA plugin, so I always keep my weather on NOAA right now anyway. Thanks for the tips, and the offer for a prior download. This was a frustrating update.
  3. I want to rollback to the previous 32-bit version. The new version has been nothing but problems, hanging all the time randomly (seems mostly when I hit a button that requires changing the map view - not the weather). Now, after doing a full uninstall, the latest release on the website installer won't even run. Trying to run the installer just hangs. Can I get a download link to download the previous version?
  4. Kawfee Bassie

    Extra Waypoints

    Ah, thanks for that explanation. I have only just recently started doing some long hauls so the *Great Circle* has been something I have seen referenced, but have not used or really delved into. Great, I will spend some time getting familiar with this feature. Cheers, Chris
  5. Kawfee Bassie

    Extra Waypoints

    When I enter a lot of routes these days, Pilot2ATC seems to be generating a bunch of weird phantom waypoints. This does not seem to happen when I use the default Navigraph database included with the produce, but if I update to the latest Navigraph AIRAC it start happening. I was experiencing this in the previous release, so when I saw the new v2.4.0.1 release x64 I wanted to wait until I could reproduce it. It is still happening in the new version as well. Here are some sample steps and screenshot. The screen shot shows the latest version and the AIRAC cycle. - Start a flight KIAD to KSFO - Add RAMAY waypoint (generates a bunch of phantom GCRPt_x waypoints - Delete the phantom waypoints - Add HACKS waypoint (generates a bunch of phantom waypoints) Extra Waypoints
  6. Issue: Changing an altitude on a waypoint manually invalidates the flight plan. Validating the flight plan overwrites manual altitudes on waypoints. As an example, doing the FLIPR4 arrival into KMIA, the altitude for FLIPR is either 10000 or 12000. When loading the arrival into Pilot2ATC, the altitude for FLIPR seems to be calculated (for my cruise of FL320, it was set to FL310). If I click the altitude column and change the altitude to 12000, it invalidates my flight plan if already validated or filed. When I click Validate the altitudes are re-calculated and any altitudes I have set manually are overwritten.
  7. Kawfee Bassie

    Stuck in Ground to Tower Loop

    There are a ton of airports in X-Plane where they don't seem to model the taxiways or ramps. To do a *ramp* start, they basically put you in the center of the runway and you backtaxi for whatever runway you want to depart from. For these airports, the *little black triangle* is midfield of the runway. So now I call for taxi, then immediately call for tower, get my clearance to takeoff, then I backtaxi to the end of runway to takeoff. Thanks for the tip of looking for the black triangle on the runway - that helped.
  8. Kawfee Bassie

    Stuck in Ground to Tower Loop

    It doesn't happen that often, but sometimes I get stuck in a loop during taxi where Ground tells me to contact Tower, but then when I contact Tower they tell me to go back to ground for taxi instructions. I suspect this isn't a bug perse, more likely bad data related to the taxiway. I have watched the videos on how to load and manually correct taxiway data, etc. Maybe if this was a problem at my home airport or something, I might take the time to do that, but I fly in and out of a different airport just about every time I fly. Is there anyway to break this loop so I can just continue my flight?
  9. NextUp sells voices from Nuance, Ivona, AT&T, etc. Ivona and Nuance are the best sounding. Nuance is a bit cheaper than Ivona. http://nextup.com/purchase.html
  10. I have been installing as many of the English language packs as possible to see how many voices I can get that are compatible with Pilot2ATC. So far, I have only found 3 that are the SAPI5 versions. The English (United States) gets you David and Zira, and the English (United Kingdom) gets you Hazel. All the other English language packs that have voices are the Speech to Text Mobile voices that are not compatible with Pilot2ATC. I may bite the bullet and actually pay to buy one or two. I really want at least 4: Center, Approach, Tower/Ground/ATIS, and Co-Pilot. Ultimately, it would be great to have separate voices for all the functions, but the voices start at $30 a pop!!!
  11. Kawfee Bassie

    Turn off *Just* ATC

    @howevr I don't see that I need to rethink my request at all. As a professional software developer myself for 25 years, I welcome when a paying customer takes the time to provide feedback on how they can get more utility and benefit from the software I work so hard to create. Like many flight simmers, I look for variety in my experiences to add to the fun and realism. PilotEdge, VatSim and IVAO are all great organizations, but they only provide live ATC coverage in specific geographies at specific times. For pilots that like to use live ATC systems, Pilot2ATC still provides tons of value by providing an ATC function when flying outside those times, or those geographies because it is available 24x7 and everywhere. Allowing me to integrate the moving map and flight planning into my normal flight systems, but choosing to mix and match the ATC function with other Live ATC services when they are available, doesn't detract from the benefit provided by Pilot2ATC, it actually increases it, and helps ensure that I remain a paying customer as future upgrades of Pilot2ATC become available. @Dave-Pilot2ATCThanks for the update Dave. I know I have been reporting a lot of issues since I started using Pilot2ATC, but on the flipside of that, I am also using it everyday, and really enjoying so much of the functionality.
  12. Kawfee Bassie

    Turn off *Just* ATC

    Just happened again tonight. Not filing the flight plan doesn't seem to help since it still matches ATC phrases and then tells you to contact X on frequency Y, etc. It's impossible to keep it running when it keeps talking over me everytime I contact ATC. I have the PTT button disabled on as well (all the buttons actually), and it is still responding? How can it even know I am transmitting if I have the PTT button disabled? Very frustrating. It would be nice if a future version had a simple way to disable the ATC. The application still has a lot of functionality in case you are flying on VatSim, or IVAO, etc.
  13. Kawfee Bassie

    Turn off *Just* ATC

    Thanks Dave, I will give that a go :) I think maybe Pilot2ATC might need to be restarted after some configuration changes for them to stick (which I didn't do since I already had my whole flight plan setup). I will try a complete restart next time as well.
  14. Kawfee Bassie

    Turn off *Just* ATC

    How do you turn off just the ATC? I was trying to do a flight on PilotEdge tonight but I wanted to keep Pilot2ATC up for the flight planning and moving map. I went into config and cleared the Push-To-Talk button (it said disabled), but it still kept responding to my voice commands. I had to shut it down and continue my flight without it.
  15. I find that Pilot2ATC has some unusual restrictions with regard to adding a visual approach for IFR flight plans. Normally it seems that if you try to file an IFR flight plan without an instrument approach, you an error dialog suggesting you add the recommended approach, or manually add one. It won't file the flight plan. Visual approach is not provided as an option for manually adding an approach. Recently I was filing an IFR plan to an airport that didn't have any instrument approaches so it automatically added a visual approach.and generated waypoints for the visual approach to the active runway (nice feature). a) Why is it required that I pre-select an approach to file a flight plan? b) I feel like I should be able to select and assign a visual approach for any IFR flight plan.