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  1. From the staff of the International Humanitarian Air Service: To start, we wish the Avsim community a Happy New Year! We are very excited and we hope everyone has another great year of flying ahead of them! We are welcoming new pilots into IHAS! The International Humanitarian Air Service is a Virtual Airline for aviation enthusiasts. The only virtual airline that seeks to provide global aid throughout the virtual skies, IHAS models the theme of a non-for-profit humanitarian air service, as well as the workings of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service, and flies into various locations around the world that, in real life, are in desperate need of some form of aid. As said, we do regular, and fun events that model aid needed in real life. We have hubs based in New York, headquarters of the United Nations, and Geneva, headquarters of the WHO. Staff members are also looking into the expansion of hubs such as in Paris and San Francisco. We strive to look for the best pilots that are always up and favorable to challenges once presented immediately joining IHAS. One may join here: *Note that the website is temporary, IHAS staff is actively working on our official website!* If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply here or contact us through the feedback page on our website Cheers
  2. cakequest

    Any VAs that accept off/unlisted airports?

    Check out We are a brand new VA (hence the temporary website) and rather unique in our approach. We are currently in the middle of a mission around Indonesia and there are almost no restrictions on when and where you can fly. We manually verify flights through our system right now so there will be no problems with airports not being accepted 😀 Cheers
  3. cakequest

    Recommendations for a VA

    Take a look at We are a brand new VA (hence the temporary website) and rather unique in our approach. I will warn you that we do require all flights to be on VATSIM and do not allow for time acceleration but I think we have a bunch of neat objectives that you would probably enjoy (including tours and missions) 😀 Cheers
  4. cakequest

    FSEarth Tiles

    I'll have to try this out sometime soon! Thanks!
  5. cakequest

    FSEarth Tiles

    Yep. From what I've heard, it's something to do with the way google maps are encrypted or something like that.
  6. cakequest

    B737 Power sources

    Hey LevelMind, Try this schematic for the classics: If you scroll down past the diagram, there is an extensive list for the ng here: Electrical Buses Services.pdf Hopefully you can find the information you are looking for in one of these links! Josh
  7. cakequest

    Free Online Flight School

    Thanks for sharing! I will defiantly be looking into these throughout the week!!! Josh
  8. cakequest

    Around the World in a B737

    Ok, here is (yet another) adjustment to the route. We decided to take a little more time and cover each continent a little better. TNCM - KATL DAL919 KATL - MHTG DAL849 MHTG - MPTO CMP425 MPTO - SBGR CMP759 SBGR - SAEZ GOLO7450 SAEZ - SPJC ARG1364 SPJC - MMMX AMX47 MMMX - KSFO ASA241 KSFO - PANC UAL1257 PANC - PHNL ASA870 PHNL - NFFN FJI821 NFFN - NZAA FJI413 NZAA - YMML VOZ165 YMML - YPPH QFA653 YPPH - WADD BTK6006 WADD - WMKK MAS852 WMKK - ZSPD MAS386 ZSPD - RJAA CCA157 RJAA - RCTP JAL805 RCTP - VTBS CAL831 VTBS - VIDP JAI63 VIDP - UCFM MBB1026 UCFM - OMDB FDB760 OMDB - HKJK KQA305 HKJK - DNMM KQA542 DNMM - HECA MSR876 HECA - LGAV MSR747 LGAV - UUEE AFL2111 UUEE - EKCH AFL2496 EKCH - EDDK RYR408 EDKK - LEBL RYR2508 LEBL - LPPR RYR4597 LPPR - LPMA TVF4858 LPMA - EGSS EXS1446 EGSS - EIDW RYR271 EIDW - CYYT WJA17 CYYT - CYYZ WJA547 CYYZ - TNCM WJA2652 Overall, it is 14 legs longer and will take approximately 2.5 extra months to complete.
  9. cakequest

    Around the World in a B737

    It seems to be a glitch with deskpilot. The doors were closed and armed and exterior views showed nothing abnormal with the doors... It quit doing it half way through the flight but I have no idea why... I was gonna mention this in my post earlier but I totally forgot
  10. cakequest

    Which SIM for an IFR simulator?

    If you are looking for a freeware weather engine to simulate real-world weather, I would highly recommend fsxwx: It seems fairly accurate to me and I cannot fly without it. However the weather is only real world and cannot be set to a custom minimums so it may not be entirely suitable for setting conditions to IMC whenever you want (unless you go to a place in the world where the conditions you desire really exist). Josh
  11. cakequest

    Around the World in a B737

    More pics below as promised (still links) Climbing to FL380: Descending into Atlanta: On the ground, leg one complete (finally): Yet another modification to the route to be posted soon (probably) Josh
  12. cakequest

    Around the World in a B737

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately, we received no ATC during the flight (although ATL_CTR did come online about 1.5 hours after we landed ) Sorry for the long delay in uploading the photos from the first flight, but here they are! At the gate in TNCM: Pushing back from gate A1 and engine start: "Flaps set for takeoff, flight controls checked": Taxiing out to runway 10: Cleared for takeoff! Airborne (and just clearing the mountains )! More images in the next post... p.s. sorry but these are links only. I will try to embed future pics into their posts...
  13. cakequest

    Around the World in a B737

    Gonna try again! The route is slightly different from last time. TNCM DCT PJM B520 LARPP FRATT L451 ELMUC RENAH Y585 OMN J45 CRG LAIRI LARZZ SITTH1 KATL We will likely pass through some isolated thunderstorms en route and expirience some pretty strong crosswinds, however, it should be smooth sailing after that Feel free to track us on VATSIM. The callsign is DAL919.
  14. cakequest

    Around the World in a B737

    Update: Flight Cancelled due to technical difficulties
  15. cakequest

    Around the World in a B737

    Pre-flighting for leg1. Looking at the en-route weather, it might get a bit bumpy... TNCM DCT PJM B520 STT DCT SJU RTE3 UTAHS R507 GTK BR1L BIKIN/N0459F380 BR1L BARTS DCT ZFP DCT JOLTS BR1L SQT DCT OMN J45 CRG SITTH1 KATL