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  1. Sorry but my problems are still there, I can't run MCE because it stucks in the "Please wait for your copilot....". Any clue?
  2. Oh, man, I had a problem with my license and after a discussion I managed to get again the software running BUT...now I have the same problem as before, the program stucks in the "Please wait message" again. And now no solution seems to work.
  3. Yep, now Im doing it faking a little bit the conversation and assigning keys to the pre-plan and the start of the sequence-
  4. I didnt send any message, so someone else had the same problem. Let's continue doing Checklists and commands for ground interaction!!!
  5. Everything checked and correctly installed. All files you mention are there. I have the latest version also...and the problem is still there.
  6. Hello, I had to format my PC and now, If I start the simulator BEFORE than MCE, it stucks in the "Please wait....". If I run MCE before everything goes as planned. Any clue?
  7. If you are about to land with Flaps 3 (Most common situation) you have to inhibit the "Flaps" warning of Ground Proximity Warning System, in the overhead panel . In the Checklist, one item is "GPWS Flap 3" and, again, I think MCE recognizes the word "Flap" and everything I tried do not work, I have to skip the item.
  8. FFA320 Before taxi checkist, ITEM "Flaps", response: "Take off" or "1+F" or "1"...nothing works.
  9. I created a voxscript for each one of the FMA modes with a response of "Checked". Yep, It's not a real check...but works.
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