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  1. Oh, man, I had a problem with my license and after a discussion I managed to get again the software running BUT...now I have the same problem as before, the program stucks in the "Please wait message" again. And now no solution seems to work.
  2. Yep, now Im doing it faking a little bit the conversation and assigning keys to the pre-plan and the start of the sequence-
  3. I didnt send any message, so someone else had the same problem. Let's continue doing Checklists and commands for ground interaction!!!
  4. V1.4.40 Ok, with the option "Autostart" now I don't have any problem. Thanks.
  5. Everything checked and correctly installed. All files you mention are there. I have the latest version also...and the problem is still there.
  6. Hello, I had to format my PC and now, If I start the simulator BEFORE than MCE, it stucks in the "Please wait....". If I run MCE before everything goes as planned. Any clue?
  7. If you are about to land with Flaps 3 (Most common situation) you have to inhibit the "Flaps" warning of Ground Proximity Warning System, in the overhead panel . In the Checklist, one item is "GPWS Flap 3" and, again, I think MCE recognizes the word "Flap" and everything I tried do not work, I have to skip the item.
  8. FFA320 Before taxi checkist, ITEM "Flaps", response: "Take off" or "1+F" or "1"...nothing works.
  9. I created a voxscript for each one of the FMA modes with a response of "Checked". Yep, It's not a real check...but works.
  10. Really amazed with Flight Factor A320 and MCE really works almost perfect out of the box with my selfmade checklist!! Just want to ask something: I want to do the FMA anouncements, do I have to do a voicescipt for each FMA mode or they are there and I don't know where? Also, when I say "ECAM clear" I have a Master Warning but if I press the PB it (of course) clears the ECAM item. Is there any way to set/remove the chocks as I can do with the Ground Power Unit?
  11. I also did that and it doesn't works, and of course this will be my prefered way to do it. Wait, wait!! Now I did it again and it works...sorry!! Ok, I know what happened, the simulator window must be active in order to work...:(
  12. Sorry if I bother you but my "Mute Microphone" doesn't works. I can see the message "All recognition suspended" but the FO is still rcognizing orders.
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