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  1. Sorry but my problems are still there, I can't run MCE because it stucks in the "Please wait for your copilot....". Any clue?
  2. Oh, man, I had a problem with my license and after a discussion I managed to get again the software running BUT...now I have the same problem as before, the program stucks in the "Please wait message" again. And now no solution seems to work.
  3. Yep, now Im doing it faking a little bit the conversation and assigning keys to the pre-plan and the start of the sequence-
  4. I didnt send any message, so someone else had the same problem. Let's continue doing Checklists and commands for ground interaction!!!
  5. Everything checked and correctly installed. All files you mention are there. I have the latest version also...and the problem is still there.
  6. Hello, I had to format my PC and now, If I start the simulator BEFORE than MCE, it stucks in the "Please wait....". If I run MCE before everything goes as planned. Any clue?
  7. If you are about to land with Flaps 3 (Most common situation) you have to inhibit the "Flaps" warning of Ground Proximity Warning System, in the overhead panel . In the Checklist, one item is "GPWS Flap 3" and, again, I think MCE recognizes the word "Flap" and everything I tried do not work, I have to skip the item.
  8. FFA320 Before taxi checkist, ITEM "Flaps", response: "Take off" or "1+F" or "1"...nothing works.
  9. I created a voxscript for each one of the FMA modes with a response of "Checked". Yep, It's not a real check...but works.
  10. Really amazed with Flight Factor A320 and MCE really works almost perfect out of the box with my selfmade checklist!! Just want to ask something: I want to do the FMA anouncements, do I have to do a voicescipt for each FMA mode or they are there and I don't know where? Also, when I say "ECAM clear" I have a Master Warning but if I press the PB it (of course) clears the ECAM item. Is there any way to set/remove the chocks as I can do with the Ground Power Unit?
  11. I also did that and it doesn't works, and of course this will be my prefered way to do it. Wait, wait!! Now I did it again and it works...sorry!! Ok, I know what happened, the simulator window must be active in order to work...:(
  12. Sorry if I bother you but my "Mute Microphone" doesn't works. I can see the message "All recognition suspended" but the FO is still rcognizing orders.
  13. I'm still getting every now and then the response of the FO to an "Atention" order that nobody said. It's not a big problem but it startle me when happends.
  14. This is not happening in my Zibo, Landing Lights On/Off triggers the Retractable lights "only".
  15. That's what I want to do. Maybe it's better do the things as you are saying, and simulate to be, first the PF and in another flight, the PM. Yeah, maybe I was focus on the wrong direction. I will try this way and make voxscripts to the FO do his flows. Thanks for the support and sorry, I know sometimes I can be a little bit annoying...xD Ok, the first question: The retractable lights commands works great "Landing lights On/Off" but I cant find how to order the fixed lights to On/off. Am I missing something?
  16. I saw that video yesterday and I did some scripts. It's a cool feature. But what I want from this software is to perform the flow by memory and after that read the checklist only to check that I not forgotten anything. I'm doing both, the PF and PM flows...maybe it's to complicated but...it can be done, right? I want a tool to train and learn and if I'm not mistaken, your software is good for it.
  17. Yes, they are there. And I have done some self produced scripts and they work fine.
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