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  1. hello guys, i am running P3dV4 , asca, active sky, and using also envshade, envtex and chase plane... i have noticed weird bug with my plane shadows, when i am using the external camera, from one angle the aircraft is completely as shadowed, while if i move slightly to the side it got correct reflections... any idea what that is? https://imgur.com/a/edT67
  2. Good evening, may i know whats the recommended FTX global lights settings for the Envshade ? Many thanks
  3. Hello, it looks good to me, with default fair weather, AS turned off, with sun in behind it does realistic shadows https://imgur.com/R3ccz0P from the side which gets most of the sun also ok https://imgur.com/o6G3jQ7 Apparently this has to be something with my Active Sky, but no idea what that could be... I have also made quick .gif picture sequence of the behaviour with Active Sky enabled to get the real idea of my problem... http://gph.is/2z1COek
  4. Cheers guys, i am running latest PTA 2.6 , Active Sky and ENVTEX, using Thopat latest preset, the thing is, all is looking nice ,except tat the shadows on the plane acts very strange, in one angle when i pan my mouse it looks nice, while in the other its completely dark... Any idea whats wrong? I have tried to restore original shaders thru PTA and re-apply the preset, no joy.... However if i turn Active Sky off, the shadows are fine... Is Active sky somehow in conflict with PTA / preset itself? With active sky - angle 1 https://imgur.com/vw4YXZv With active sky - angle 2 https://imgur.com/UPcyHMg Active sky turned off https://imgur.com/PMIILlh
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