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  1. hey guys, using HTC vive for VR in 747 on Prepar3d with active sky w/ active sky cloud art One eye in VR seems to be void of all effects, including Landing/ Taxi lighting and cockpit lighting, as well as 3rd party effects such as active sky cloud art Seems like a problem that likely many have encountered and is not that difficult to fix ( im not well versed in computers, and your particular ways to deliver amazing function of VR to us, but the problem is silly and incredibly annoying) Thank you PMDG developers for giving us VR capability. On my vive it feels completely different to flying with my curved 3440p samsung display. take offs are more exciting, landings are faster and full of adrenalin in VR. but the fact that one eye is not dispalying any lighting makes night flying impossible. Like the fact that 3rd party software does not display on one eye in VR does not bother me, but your own lighting of cockpit and external lights is a bit too much please fix it. If there is a fix i would be eternaly grateful to users that pointed me in the right direction. Thank you for everything youve done. Also add Silk Way livery for 747 freighters. its like the prettiest livery, but for some reason you guys have every freight airline livery besides the best one ; ) I patiently await for your advices in due course Thank you