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  1. Does tower only respond to “Clear of the active” when clear of a runway? I’m used to stating the actual runway, I.e. “Clear of Runway 20 Right”, but can’t get tower to respond to that (no response at all). Thanks!
  2. That works like a charm Dave! The P2A ATIS now giving me ASXP weather. Very cool! Thanks!
  3. Thanks Dave! I was coming back here to post that I was having mixed results using the x-plane file when I saw your ur post. I also had to put ATIS back through x-Plane, otherwise I got the “no weather available” message when using the P2A option. I will try your suggestion described above and see if that solves it. Thanks!
  4. Ok great! Thanks for that!
  5. Hi Dave. I just picked up ASXP. I know it just came out, but curious if there's any way to use the current P2A built in settings for Active Sky with ASXP - or if it will require an update? I nosed around a bit and couldn't find the snapshot file that P2A references for the setting - so I suspect it will be different in X-Plane and require an update. Is this a feature that you'll be able to incorporate into X-Plane? Thanks!
  6. I have found Pilot2ATC to be an excellent add-on and well worth the cost. I have appx 10 different voices which I obtained for free using different language packs and some others from the web. I find that to be enough variation to enjoy the experience. I also have X-ATC Chatter, which works great with P2A and helps with the immersion. i have a lot of XP11 add-one and Dave is among the top of developers in terms of support. Very responsive to requests/issues and continues to update the product regularly. Sure - it’s not perfect - but its pretty darn good and the best I’ve tried so far. i also subscribe to PilotEdge - a terrific online ATC service. I am working toward my ppl and am utilizing P2A and PE to assist me with practicing ATC. I find this to be an excellent combination. P2A allows me to practce ATC techniques in a somewhat more relaxed environment prior to flying something similar in PE. I am just now launching into IFR and the P2A / PE combo is helping me to get more familiar with this new challenge.
  7. bdeweese

    Pilot2atc TOD Error

    Hi Dave - I just reread your last reply. I will try bumping up the altitude for now. Thanks!
  8. bdeweese

    Pilot2atc TOD Error

    Thanks Dave. I bumped descent rate up to 3000 but still get the TOD error. Any idea when R7 might be out? Thanks!
  9. bdeweese

    Pilot2atc TOD Error

    Still no joy. I have unchecked the safe altitude box and now have 3000 ft for my cruise. However, as soon as I try to validate I get the TOD error. One other difference I see from your setup is that I have Airac 1812 (Navigraph subscription). Should/could this be a problem? I reinstalled R6, just in case there was an issue there but no change. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  10. bdeweese

    Pilot2atc TOD Error

    Thanks Dave. That’s the version I have and those are the exact numbers I was “trying” to use. However, I never could get it to accept a 3000 ft cruise - would never give me lower than 4000. I did check the box telling it to ignore alt on heading. I’ll relaunch and try again. Perhaps checking that box requires a restart?
  11. bdeweese

    Pilot2atc TOD Error

    I’m just jumping into IFR, and am trying to plan a very simple ILS approach (emulating a flight out of PE). My flight is KSNA to KSNA using Runway 20R via SIL, SNAKE and LEMON. I’m flying this in a ga (piper Cherokee), but at a low altitude (2000 climbing to 3000). Even with a modest gs (100 kts), climb rate of 700 fpm, and descent of 500 fpm, it seems I should be able to fly this. However, I can’t get past the “TOD CALCULATION ERROR” message. Is this just too basic/short (same origin and destination) of a flight to work with P2A or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  12. Ok gotcha! Thanks for clarifying. That probably explains why I can’t see them visually on the sectional from within P2ATC, either. Thanks!
  13. Thanks Dave. Just to clarify, these are published ”Visual Point” way points that show up on the sectional (landmarks for visual reference). They show up on my FlyQ EFB sectional and in my RXP Garmin GPS 430W. They don’t seem to be recognized by the P2ATC flight plan, however. A few examples: VPLSR (Hawthorne 405 Freeway) VPLKH (King Harbor) Thanks!
  14. Is there any way to add visual points to a flight plan? When I try to add as a waypoint I get a message that it’s not found in the database. VPLSR, VPLVT, etc. Also, I just updated to R5 today and now I’m getting TOD errors with my flight plans. Everything appears to be correct with my alt, gs, and vs, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. Ha! I just downloaded and installed the full version for the first time a few days ago - but ended up with R3. It didn’t occur to me that there might be a more current version. Sure enough - R4 fixed the issue! All is working as expected now. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Pilot2ATC and X-ATC Chatter is a killer combination, IMHO. Thanks Dave and Mark!