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  1. Dear experts, I have read the Manuals and followed some tutorials via Youtube, but I can't understand until now what is really the difference and why are there two Terms for the same purpose. Thank you for a simple Explanation.
  2. Thank you all for your competent explanations. @Budbud: My question was, if I have to Change the value 1013 hPA to a value depending on the Airport. and I think now, the answer is "Yes". The value is to be read in the Charts. But in all of my flight-trainings there was no hint to do this. You only can read: After descend under Trans.Level Change to local pressure in pressing the "STD" button. And on the Screen you see 1013 again. But in real life I think you should Change the value depending on the charts.
  3. Hallo from a beginner concerning about this themes I read the Manuals and the Forum, but I can't understand some Details: Please help me with not too technical Terms. 1. I read, that the Radio/Baro Minimums are required by the Airport Default Radio=50, Baro is 200) Tutorial 1 suggests to turn tha value to 100. In all other extern flight-examples nothing is mentioned regarding this item. QUESTION: What are the consequences, if the value is too high or low ? Is the altitude-calculating below this Minimum wrong ? I read "Radio" is used for Category II and III approaches (A/P and ILS). And what is "Baro" good for ? 2. The second question refers to the Switch from local Baro to STD and retour. (HPA in Europe, IN in USA 1013/29.92) I think over Transition Level the calculation of altitude is the same for every Region all over the world (STD). But beyond this Level the calculation depends on the Region where you are. But In no examples (e.g. a book from Tim Rommen) it is recommended to Change this values. Why ? Could it be, that These values under Transition Level are the same all over the world ? Also if you press the "B"-button, nothing happens. Or is this theme ignored by the Simulation ? Thank you for every Statement.
  4. Thank you for answering. I don't think that the load is completed. The State is not really working. I'm sorry because it would be nice to have severel steps of the flight easy to start.
  5. My Startup-state is NGX Default. Engines should therefore run. Afterwards I load the Panel state EHAM...before Takeoff. After pressing "Execute" The load starts (Little slowlier than usual) but "Execute" keeps lit and the message "Loading panel state" stays on the Screen. In the Menu the Input for FMC is missing (1 left is empty)
  6. I have created a Scenario where the aircraft is Standing at EHAM runway 24. Then I tried to load the existing Panel state "EHAM to LOWI before Takeoff". The load starts, most of the knobs and Switches has changed but the sreens are black and FMC didn't work. Has anyone an idea ? Please tell me possible reasons. The same result with one of the other Panel states
  7. Thank you to you all, explaining and solving this issue.
  8. Dear Chris, thgank you for your hint. The Packs were off. I turned it to AUTO. I had no more warning tones. But as a beginner I still don't exactly know what the PACKS are good for. But I'm on the way to learn all those matters. Best regards.
  9. I am in the air. Rising. What is press Panel ? I did searches with "press Panel" in all Manuals and got no results.
  10. Approx. 10 minutes after start without Problems a beep tone starts. Approx. every half second. Master caution is dark Can you please give me a hint, what the reason could be ? And I don't know how to stop/solve it. Thanks
  11. Hallo, I had the same prblem. The reason was: I forgot an entry in the field "FLAPS" IN FMC - section "TAKEOFF". All necessary data must be entered
  12. Hallo, I had the same prblem. The reason was: I forgot an entry in the field "FLAPS" IN FMC - capitel "TAKEOFF". All necessary data must be entered
  13. Thank you Brian, I did a silly-very-beginner-fault: I thought, when "ground power available" is lit, I have it, but you have to kick the Switch down too. That was it.
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