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  1. Julia

    Quality Wings 787 vs PMDG 747-400 (800)

    I like both but the first is with no doubt the B-747 in the version 400. I don't think the B-747-800 is absolutely necessary if you've the 400.
  2. Julia

    Recommended Settings P3DV4.3

    Hello Trish, no, in the vid, the HDR is enabled. About the watercolor, you can changing the things with PTA, it needs several try to get what you want..
  3. Julia

    Recommended Settings P3DV4.3

    That's what I get with the Q8pilot settings. I used the F-18 VRS for testing the regen. Screen is a 4K (Sony Bravia XE70 - 3840x2160 and Nvidia 1070 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDXuV47zw5Y&feature=youtu.be
  4. Julia

    Recommended Settings P3DV4.3

    I applied the Q8pilot settings seen in his video (all the steps) and it works pretty well for me, I just changed the autogen to very high.
  5. Julia

    Reinstall P3D4.3 to an external drive

    Hello, Yes you can install it in a external drive, mine is, for example, in HD G. But I think you'll have to redo a full re install. There is a topic somewhere in the forum about a new re install
  6. Julia


    Did you try the "force a re-migration" in the FTX settings? It helped me for fixing a issue sometimes.
  7. Okay, Edpatino, all's working fine now. It's the first airport I add. Thankies ! I did a fast video, looking around from air
  8. Well, I bought and installed it and something looks wrong... I have this : https://gyazo.com/4f395a07e4ac454cdcf1c28b12dec77d I installed it antivirus Off and I have all the ORBX bases installed. My P3D is a new installation, just some aircrafts and no freewares. Any idea about this issue?
  9. Julia

    Rhodos for Free

    Thank you 😃
  10. Julia

    Help getting started p3dv4.3 noobie

    Yes, the global from Orbx can be a good start, about the 737, dunno, I'm with the 777 330ER (Quality Wings) and the 787 (PMDG), both pretty good.
  11. Hello, I found a YouTube video showing how its possible to use Google earth tracker with P3D 4.3 So, it's here, it's in Spanish but pretty easy to see how it can be installed. So, I tried it and it works, here a snap : https://gyazo.com/81d6898024f210972eec7191e3d35180 A good day for everyone 😃
  12. Hello, HDG will not work, it will just follow the direction you gived. So, it's Nav. When you've validated your Flight plan, go in nav mode, then in the GTN, push on the button CDI and all should be fine then, the aircraft will follow your FP.
  13. Finaly it worked.. Thankies, VC and Jean-Claude ! https://gyazo.com/82f517b0df8f6623821b78d2fe73e4b0
  14. I removed now theses files you mentioned but I have to wait the repair finish to work to see if all's back fine. This will maybe fix the things, so thank you a lot for the help.
  15. hm no but i will.. well, when someone provide a installer, i'm supposed to think the installer will do the work, I never had a issue like this while installing a scenery. Now I just hope the repairing will fix all and i'll not have to reinstall all my P3D.