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  1. I'm stil trying to figure how does P2A sets DEP and ARR runways, because i always had opposite runways set by WorldTraffic for WT AI planes.. in short I've always seen a bunch of aircraft coming head-on to land as I was taking off… However the recent WT update (test version 3.1.10T) now allows to set DEP and ARR runways accordingly, in this case, I can change them if needed after setting a flighplan.
  2. Yes, but the weird part is the departure runway and SID are the recomended by the app, so I don't understand why it recomends a runway with incoming traffic on the oposite direction...
  3. Yes, I can see the incoming airborne traffic, but I don't see any indication of taxiing aircraft... One more question, regarding active runway. I've created a flight plan in simbrief, with historical weather snapshot from active sky. In x-plane I set the flight to the same date in time as in simbrief, and weather is loaded from active sky also. When I taxi to departure runway, ATC sends me to opposite direction of take off and landing, meaning, when I face instruted direction I see traffic coming towards me head on… Did I miss sometinhg?
  4. Can someone confirm if ATC tells you to wait for an arriving aircraft before taking off? No matter what, if I ask for take off, ATC always gives clearence, even with inbound aircraft about to touch down... still while in the air, I have traffic warnings and I can see it on the ND. Is this the way it works?
  5. Yes but I like to the the comms my self, I only have "change frequencies" checked... still I can't find any command to request own navigation...
  6. First things first: Congrats @Dave-Pilot2ATCand his team for this "piece of art" ATC software, for the flight simulation enthusiasts as myself, i've tried it for the whole 10-day trial period, every single day, and it convinced me to buy it. I've been reading this forum and i notice some users are getting "resume own navigation" ATC command... personaly, I like to do long flights, cruising with AP and while cruising, sometimes I'm not close to the PC, so how do you get or request to resume own navigation ? Thank you
  7. Thank you! What I did (following a sugestion from a user on another forum) was to restore only lua scripts so i can manage them myself. However i checked the exclusive switch and all my scripts went to .~lua. I unchecked exclusive and nothiing happen, forcing me to restore them again. So I sugest you to reverse it, meaning, make turning off exclusive to automatically rename all avaiable scripts from .~lua to .lua. That way we can easely add the ones we want in the solution, and by checking exclusive again the remaing scripts would became disabled... Just an idea to improve this piece of art 🙂
  8. But I still didn’t figure how to add my scripts to the solution. If I add them FYL will ignore because of the .~lua extension... how can I enable them? thank you
  9. I'm still unable to load my lua scripts with xvision, can someone explain all the steps to enable them? I want to run the impressive_with_lua solution. I added xprealistic.lua and landingrate.lua, but they still get the ".~lua" making FYL to ignore them. Do I need to manually rename to .lua ? The activate scripts in exclusive mode switch is a bit confusing. If I understand correctly, turning it off, every lua script in Scripts folder inside the FLY plugin, will be (or should be) loaded, right? So there's no need to add them in the resources & scripts manager, or is it ?? If it's on, only the scripts added and checked in the r&s manager, will be enabled, correct? Thank you
  10. Adding both ICAO_Codes solved it.. thank you :)
  11. For a flight from KPHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl) to KSNA (John Wayne Airport - Orange County) String generated in flight options (main page): IZZZO6 HRRBR EMLLD DSNEE3 String in OFP generated page: KPHX/08 IZZZO6 HRRBR DCT EMLLD DSNEE3 KSNA/02L or IZZZO6 HRRBR DCT EMLLD DSNEE3 in the import box says: "simply copy and paste the route from the website to the text area below", that's what I did, but all FP generated in simbrief fail to import. Thank you
  12. Hi Dave, I'm trying to import a flightplan generated on simbrief. I copy & past the string given and i'm always getting the same error "Unable to import text to Flight Plan. Check format of the pasted text". I have "SIMbrief: FltPlanDB" selected. What am I missing ? thank you
  13. I had that same problem, but I was using "batch build" to create 2 orthos, as i've seen on several tuts on youtube, in a single click. I only get to create them one by one following all 4 steps... batch build isn't working for me.
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