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  1. FlightSimDeals

    FSX-SE on offer(65% off), £6.99

    Good find! It'll be interesting to see with DTG go with FSX:SE.
  2. FlightSimDeals

    Track (Sale) Prices

    @Egbert Drenth it's a side project and is currently on low cost hosting which does not support free SSL certs 😐. If it becomes more popular then yes I'll look to upgrade it to SSL. Right now I'm looking to see if people find it useful and get feedback. Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions?
  3. FlightSimDeals

    Track (Sale) Prices

    That last URL should have been:
  4. I've added beta support for tracking the (sale) prices at This is a beta version so the search function and email notifications are not yet working for FSPilotShop products, but will be soon... As there is no search function (yet), to view FSPilotshop price history you must: Copy the FSPilotShop product URL (e.g. Replace https:// with Remove the trailing .html Visit the new URL (e.g. Reply with any issues, suggestions, feedback, etc.