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  1. While I agree, ORBX could use more horizontal lines, offensive initials not allowed is up with the coloring of the TP/FM version? The Grand Canyon is definitely not white/grey and whatever else that was.
  2. JohnnyGuapo

    PFPX Grid MORA warnings

    I always wondered what those downloads did. Can you explain them or at least point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. Frank, I have located this specific file path, however mine is slightly different from what you mentioned. Mine is: C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\GTN\nonvul Inside this "nonvul" folder contains EEPROMs and nand files.
  4. Hi guys, I tried searching google and this forum but most topics are people asking how to export a .gfp from an external source INTO the GTN units. I'm asking if there's a way to EXPORT a .gfp file made IN-SIM on the actual 750 unit to an external folder? I only ask this because I have to heavily edit my .gfp files made in simbrief, and since there's no crossfill option, I'm stuck with editing the 750 and the 650's waypoints which is a little annoying, especially on long flights such as my recent Dallas to Los Angeles flight. I tried to use the copy option in the menu section of the flight plan but it only copies the flight plan to the same unit, not to a folder. BTW Love these units!
  5. JohnnyGuapo

    Confused as to how I'm supposed to fly IFR.

    That is great news to see! I would be willing to pay a subscription (hopefully not too expensive) or maybe we could choose which cycles to update using a one time fee? "Unannounced products" has peaked my interests, I can't wait to see what's in store. Just as an FYI, I decided to go ahead and refund the GTS series and purchase the GTN series and....WOW are those units amazing and much more efficient for usage in my LJ-25 after some minor tweaking to get them installed thanks another user here, Bills511 who is a savant at installing the GTN series in panels. I was sad to refund the GNS but I will definitely re-purchase them next pay cycle for my smaller planes. I admit, I also bought the F1 version of the GTN series but refunded that as well. I'm not sure what it is but you guys have the edge.
  6. JohnnyGuapo

    Confused as to how I'm supposed to fly IFR.

    Oh I'm fully aware of the external sites used to create flight plans...My favorite is simbrief but unfortunately it doesn't export to the correct flp file type. An app called littlenavapp is able to export the correct format but it has "locked" waypoints. These locked waypoints are because I'm using the latest AIRAC cycle which has the current waypoints/vors/nbs/etc from jul to aug 2018 instead of old crap from 2005. I was able to edit it directly in game and was able to delete the locked waypoints. It's amazing to me that garmin doesn't offer a subscription to navdata for flight simmers, it would be an added revenue stream.
  7. JohnnyGuapo

    Confused as to how I'm supposed to fly IFR.

    I figured it out. If anyone is wondering, I was able to edit the flight plan that was weird and it had a bunch of waypoints labaled "lcked", i just deleted those in the 530 and was on my way. I assume the lcked ones are new waypoints that the old 2005 garmin database doesn't recognize.
  8. JohnnyGuapo

    Confused as to how I'm supposed to fly IFR.

    I just downloaded the GNS 530/430 and can't seem to figure out how to import or load even a P3D flight plan into the systems. Upon following all instructions, I can't get any fpl file to load in the 530 in the sim, ive used simbrief and littlenavmap to export my flight plans directly for the RXP GNS 530/430 but i get an error about unsupported waypoints even though I have an ultimate and latest subscription to navigraph, which is what simbrief uses to map the flight plan. When I try to create a default p3d flight plan in the default nav planner, the waypoints dont show up on the RXP map, nor i get the magenta gps bar. I don't know about RXP's refund policy but I just can't justify this purchase if I am not even able to properly fly an IFR flight plan with ATC giving me proper flight level adjustments because I cruise at FL 450 in an LJ25.
  9. So what did you do to fix it? Also what program did you use to export the flight plan? I tried using every fpl file offered by simbrief but they failed to load. I then tried little nav map and exported using the setting specifically made for the rxp gns 530 and, while i got further in the process, it said i had incorrect waypoints???
  10. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask but could I possibly Get some assistance with configuring the panel on the Extreme Protoype GLJ 25? They even included a manual on adding custom panels but I just cannot seem to get it right. Thanks.