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  1. Thank you. I look forward to getting a solution. Both GNS and GTN are unusable at the moment.
  2. So I have to assume that it's me personally he is freezing out? I don't really understand that, as I have always been a supporter, and sell a lot of his product to students and on online seminars etc. I find it really weird.
  3. I have been trying to get an answer to a query for a number of weeks and I just get silence. Has anyone heard from Jean-Luc?
  4. Can I just check that you've seen this and are considering the appropriate next steps? I don't like to nag, but have you seen this thread? I don't know what to think. You are clearly at your desk, because you launched a new version yesterday, but I get no answer on here for nearly three weeks. Is this because you are working on it, the issue is insoluble or I am not important enough to talk to? It's very perplexing. I am still waiting for a response. Is anybody there?
  5. I have updated the graphics driver to no avail. Below is the report to Laminar, I hold out little hope, but I'll report back if they say anything. From= timothy@tdn.email Product= XPlane Version= 11.50r3 OS= Windows Summary= Screen flashes when Reality XP GNS screen changes Description= Situation: At all times when Reality XP GNS is running as a plug-in What you expected to happen: X-Plane not to flash What actually happened: The X-Plane screen flashes each time the GNS screen changes which means all the time when in flight (as GPS position changes). The flashing does not happen if RXP GNS is moved to a different screen. This is all clearly shown on videos. https://www.dropbox.com/s/73561pwgt3ctnj9/RXP%20Flash.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ncg4h42vqa3pje/RXP%20Different%20screen%20no%20flash.mp4?dl=0 I have used GEForce Experience to ensure latest NVIDIA driver is installed, but this happens with drivers ranging from 2014 to the latest, so it is not a driver issue. Steps= Steps to trigger the bug, including locations, settings, et c.: Run X-Plane anywhere with the Reality XP GNS plug-in running Occurs with no third-pary add-ons?: No RXP Author states: "The GNS V2 is basically just "painting" a textured quad on the screen and that is all. The Video shows the entire screen blanks out for 1 frame (it seems so) every time it is drawing. This is definitely a bug in XP11 and/or XP11 with this NVidia driver which is causing this in my opinion and you might want to send a bug report to Laminar." Changes to your system that caused the bug to appear (if any): Upgrade to latest beta. Consents to storing personal data= Yes
  6. As I’m more interested in getting it working (it’s unusable at the moment) than helping them with debugging, is there an easy way back?
  7. The latest version of Graphics driver supported by Gigabyte Brix is from 2014, unfortunately. I have tried loading later drivers but they are incompatible.
  8. What simulator? X-Plane What version? 11.50 64bit OpenGL What OS? Windows 7 (So no Vulkan) What version? Enterprise N SP 1 What video card? NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 What driver version? Any video showcasing the issue? https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtnaa4vbdc9ke6n/IMG_1217.MOV?dl=0
  9. If I sit the GNS430W on a panel, the whole screen flashes when anything on the 430 changes. So, for example, if the MSG annunciator or OK is flashing, the whole screen flashes, if something changes, say swapping the radio frequency, then the screen flashes once. If I stick the 430 on a separate screen (say an iPad) then the screen doesn't flash. Any ideas?
  10. On my return, I have finally got it working, thank you. I do hope that you are going to revisit the upgrade process. To have an installer which, it seems to me, checks for the latest version, downloads the latest version and tells you that the installation is complete but which is actually reinstalling the previous version strikes me as more than perverse. If that is not what is happening, forgive me, but if it is, I really think that you need a rethink! Also, in an upgrade I would not expect to have to re-engage with the licensing server. My time spent on this particular upgrade has split between the failed Garmin installation (which, I think, was just a corrupt download), the failed RXP installation (as above) and the fact that those failures and repetitive reinstalls resulted in my overasking the licence server for new validations, meaning that I had to twice email the e-commerce provider to revalidate the licence. That was just the cherry on the top of a very frustrating process.
  11. Can I be clear about this? I am not at my desk or my sim (I am spending a week at the biggest and best Arts Festival in the world, at Edinburgh) so forgive me if I get a detail wrong, but from memory: 1) I receive an email saying a new version is available 2) I dance a little jig, because there is a specific fix in the latest software that I personally requested from Garmin, and specified, and I’d love to try it. 3) From X-Plane, in the GTN section, I click on Update 4) In the update process I check “Check for updates” 5) In the process it says “This is not the latest version, would you like to download it?” I reply yes. 6) After yet another battle with the licence validation server (why, oh why? No other updates demand this) it runs the install and tells me it has succeeded. 7) You are saying that it has actually reinstalled the old version? If not, forgive me, I am not the brightest or most sophisticated when it comes to these things. What really confuses me, though, is that during my use over, at a guess, at least six new versions, I have always successfully got the new software with the new features (remember the long discussion about RF Legs?) I am sure that I have misunderstood something but it all seems a bit odd.
  12. I will try this when I get back, but, to be fair, what I have installed is what is installed when you select “install latest version?” Maybe you need to check the versioning? I have installed and re-installed what appears to be the latest version of both your software and Garmin’s many, many times. I have probably invested 10 to 15 hours on this.
  13. I can confirm that it is blank in the popup as well as normal window. I have followed to the letter the email below from Garmin, except reinstalling Windows. Please note the very last sentence, where they say it's you, not them 😉 I have shared your feedback with our team, they verified yesterday that the GTN is compatible with a GTX 760 running driver version on a comparable version of Windows 7. The code provided in the error message points to a fairly low-level DirectX failure that should be atypical for this environment. Here are some things we can try to help narrow things down: GDU 620 Re-run the Trainer Installer from our public download site and install the GDU 620 Trainer. It uses DirectX in a fashion similar to the GTN. Please let us know whether an error occurs when attempting to launch this simulator by itself. Clean Install This would be similar to the uninstall/reinstall but would help rule out anything that might have been left on the system during previous attempts that could be affecting the application. Please perform the following steps: Uninstall the Garmin Aviation Trainers application. Ensure that following folders have been deleted: C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Garmin\Trainers Any folders under C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Garmin that begin with “Aviation_Trainer_Launcher” Remove the following trainer-specific keys from the Windows Registry by doing the following: From the Start menu, select Run, type “regedit” and click OK. It is recommended that a backup be made before deleting anything: Open the File menu and select “Export…” Under the “Export range” group, select All. Enter a meaningful file name and save it to a known location. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Garmin and delete the GTN1 key. Ensure that all other applications that are not part of the Windows operating system are closed, including any that may be running in the System Tray or in the background, if possible. Reinstall the latest PC Trainer Suite software. Try the GTN again from the Garmin Aviation Trainers launcher. Reinstall DirectX Per this Microsoft forum post, it is possible that there may be an issue with the DirectX subsystem of the Windows installation. It may be worth attempting a reinstall of the DirectX Runtime to see of this would resolve the issue. The forum thread points toward some additional troubleshooting steps that could be attempted but may be beyond the scope of what we can provide direct support for, including: Running System File Checker to search for and repair any operating system files that may be corrupted. Reinstalling Windows* *These steps should be considered as an absolute last resort and only if you feel comfortable doing so, but there does appear to be precedent for a reinstallation of Windows resolving the issue. Please also note the following information about third party applications Some third party flight simulator adapter applications are known to modify the GTN application memory and its graphics system in ways that could cause issues such as this. We are unable to provide additional support in cases where these applications are installed on the system and would refer to the third party software vendor for additional support. Please let me know how it goes,
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