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  1. I am sure Pilot2ATC will be in time. And I will be glad to see it, I have my P2A machine sitting idle unless i am in XPlane and the ATC in 2020 is far from immersive... The quicker they get that SDK out there the better, while basic Simconnect things are operational (Littlenavmap for instance), once that part is open and documented the flood gates will open for add ons.
  2. This may be one of the best answers i have seen, a developer who is ready to stand up and say their intent and the possible road blocks. And your history shows this to be par for the course. I use the Xplane version daily, but i will be first in line to grab the 2020 compatible version, even though it will cost me some $$, its worth it.
  3. I dont miss the days of satellite out here, it was a necessary evil. Its funny they still keep sending me offers. Online gaming was a joke, i gave up even trying any sort with HughesNet. We finally got a wifi based system and then with some contacts and help, Spectrum ran to my house (and onyl my house on this road LOL), so i went in about 5 years from Sat to Gig cable.
  4. I get failures and its FSCaptain thats doing it, minor to major I use FSCaptain for every flight, logging everything.
  5. Agree that STB is great way to manage it, i have it on another PC and i can quickly fix taxiway blocks etc with it.
  6. I got fed up with how this all worked and was having similar issues, so every button and axis is programmed in FSUIPC, not a single one in the sim.
  7. Same here, if i leave it active when P3D is shutdown, i loose internet eventually. Same actually happens when i leave the ProjectFLY client running too, oddly enough.
  8. Looks amazing, sadly not a plane i fly but i do have it, i may end up flying it just because of this!
  9. I use a gateway PC which has the touch screen and i had to do the following: To enable these settings, enter chrome://flags in Chrome's address bar.Then scroll down until you find these two settings: Touch Optimized UI and Enable touch events. Use the drop-down boxes to enable both. Once i did that, i now have a 22 inch tablet basically LOL
  10. Great content, web site is a bit overkill funky on its download setup but the content is worth it.
  11. The lack of reply to support for a product we paid for is the worst part....
  12. This is some of the best news i have had as regards flight simulation, I really miss the tablet when flying the 787 and now to have all this available will be awesome!!
  13. That is exactly my scenario, turning HT off was the magic that made my sim come to life after getting stutters even on the 9900K, with plenty of ram and super fast storage.
  14. I have an i9-9900K CPU overclocked, 16GB ram, 1070TI and 2x1TB Samsung NVMe SSD drives, and performance is rarely an issue on this PC. Except in P3D.... I use UTL, ActiveSky, PMDG, QW787 and the ORBX terrain mesh etc... I was getting awful stutters in the sim even with traffic turned down and running 1080 instead of the native 4K. I played with many many settings, followed a lot of advice here but in the end two things fixed it 1) in P3D 4.4 I cleared out all tweaks and changes 2) I turned Hyperthreading off. Boom. Now sliders are up, traffic at 100% etc, where this setup should be. It looks great, and using UTL or PSXseeconTraffic injected from my utility PC, it flies (no pun intended). So really if you have a good PC with lots of cores, turning off HT was night and day for me.
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