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  1. I did two legs last night and it was great. Had a tiny issue with FLC not engaging until i cycled it off and on, but that was about it. Tried a couple of different VNAV modes and they worked great, plane feels much better too, overall experience is enhanced beyond belief.
  2. I noticed a small difference, but when i put vpilot in host/remote mode with the front end on a networked computer... much better.
  3. Post latest patch my FD / FMS navigation seems to not want to work, everything else works fine but FMS based navigation never actually does anything (shows on display etc but never changes aircraft direction). Heading, VOR etc work, right up until landing when the approach mode decided nope, going to show the ILS, diamond etc but not actually action it... Tried twice and it did it, cycled every system just in case, nothing. Still going to look into it more tonight.
  4. All great products, over time i have settled on Glass Cockpit To Sim on a big tablet, then FSRadioPanel running 2 other tablets on the sides for radios etc (I find it a great way when on Vatsim to use radios) Good products and definitely worth the cost.
  5. Did the upgrade the second it was available, its been a must have for me for many many years
  6. This is a great solution and works fantastic.
  7. I am just thrilled to see "Crashes related to the use of the Smart cam have been fixed" which i had a Zendesk ticket on.
  8. It does help loading a lot, especially when you have a lot if extras loading. But in game its not noticeable.
  9. Same, XP was fine, but my King Air 350i in MSFS is a manual jobbie.
  10. It is documented in the thread here by somebody else. Only difference for MSFS is that you have different steps to make FSUIPC work on its side.
  11. I also setup a button on my yoke to trigger the F10 key on the remote PC as a PTT button, if you need help with that let me know.
  12. Here is the excerpt from the instructions, just copy and paste the relevant things in exactly as they should be to the key file: (Also remember when you download latest FSUIPC as they do newer versions to NOT overwrite this tile for now or you have to re-enter this key) Using WideFS If you have a license for WideFS7 that you would also like to use, you can do this by adding the following lines to the included FSUIPC7.key file: NameForWideFS=<your WideFS registration name> WideFSaddress=<your WideFS registration email/address> WideFS=<your 12 character WideFS key> You will need to restart FSUIPC7 for the license to take effect.
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