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  1. DocPadds

    Pauses Finally Cured?

    I have an i9-9900K CPU overclocked, 16GB ram, 1070TI and 2x1TB Samsung NVMe SSD drives, and performance is rarely an issue on this PC. Except in P3D.... I use UTL, ActiveSky, PMDG, QW787 and the ORBX terrain mesh etc... I was getting awful stutters in the sim even with traffic turned down and running 1080 instead of the native 4K. I played with many many settings, followed a lot of advice here but in the end two things fixed it 1) in P3D 4.4 I cleared out all tweaks and changes 2) I turned Hyperthreading off. Boom. Now sliders are up, traffic at 100% etc, where this setup should be. It looks great, and using UTL or PSXseeconTraffic injected from my utility PC, it flies (no pun intended). So really if you have a good PC with lots of cores, turning off HT was night and day for me.
  2. This is what i was waiting for to just spend money i dont have..... spent and downloaded already.
  3. I have similar issues (i7-6700, 16gb, 1070TI etc) when i add any AI. UTL is worst, but any Ai causes me stutters a lot. Am working through various ones, and even with a small amount of traffic i get the problem even at airports with 3 planes on the ground. Disable Ai and it runs like a race car.
  4. DocPadds

    QW 787 CDU

    This is one of my most used addons, and is truly excellent, only thing that would make it better is if it worked with the QW787!!