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  1. motishow, I found you need quotes around the title in MSFS title = "A359QTR" ;
  2. I would take a config param! Thank you!
  3. I read the release notes on how you're doing this...will this result in the aircraft getting a new GUID in the sim? What happens if you're following the plane from the AI Traffic menu? Will it drop?
  4. I think the FAIB 747 also does this if I remember correctly.
  5. I can confirm I'm getting the same, on different machines with separate installs. This is including the hotfix. Very sad, I wonder how long the wait till the next hotfix for traffic is going to be.
  6. My testing has been sidelined by the new Sim Update 5 for MSFS. With injected traffic I get crash to desktop within 30 minutes. I'm reading people using built in AI Traffic get same CTDs. Not sure what we can about this until there's a hotfix. Until then I just keep trying.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm using FAIB and FSPXAI and most of them load without complaint, it seems specific to 2 or 3 aircraft but I couldn't find anything strange about their aircraft.cfg yet. (A321, B738) Thanks for the tip, I can take another look at the file encoding, I usually use the windows notepad default which is ANSI. Also I've checked the AI_liveries.xml from AILG_MSFS and the aircraft.cfg in the individual aircraft installs and don't see any strange characters but i'll double check the encoding.
  8. Hi, I've been having a small problem with PXST_MSFS (24.0-24.5) that never happens with P3D/FSX version. I'm getting "Too many liveries could not be loaded" and PSXT pause with red status eventually after too many errors. In the Log file I find the "Could not load xxxx livery" but they all point to corrupted text. After a couple weeks of checking my own files I don't know what else to check. I've checked aircraft.cfg for the planes listed but I can't find any hidden or special characters or anything. Here's a log excerpt: And the summary at the end of the log can look like this: Could not be created: Thank you in advance.
  9. Thanks! Tried it out on two machines and it's definitely seems better startup and working. Still a bit more testing.
  10. Yeah, I've waited a few minutes, but when it gets stuck it doesn't come back. Bars stay green but no position report received on the other end. Thanks, no worries. Have a good new year.
  11. Hi, I've been using PSXT with my own data provider script for a while v17,18,19. With v20 i did get similar behavior as above. PSXT seems to connect and send the first position update, resulting in two green indications, but then seems to go into a wait state and does not continue sending the position every second. If I close and restart PSXT, it usually starts working normally on my 3rd or 4th try. From only watching when it succeeds and when it fails I think its something right around initialising parked aircraft. I looked in the log but there was no helpful info when this happens. Curiously this doesn't happen if I switch back to RealTraffic as my DP. I also used PPG v20 to make sure it wasn't the new airport file stuff but that didn't fix it. Not fatal for me but I thought I'd report it. Regards, riivrtwo
  12. P.S Just as a roundup of the type of changes I'm talking about when handling models and textures: 1. Each livery texture needs a corresponding model directory instead of all pointing to the same model (This one I don't understand why, it seems painful and wasteful if you have to duplicate models, maybe symlink everything?) 2.Each DDS texture file needs an accompanying .json file that describes its channels and alpha (which I just copy from another plane and rename) 3. you need the layout.json at the top level of the package that lists all the files with filesizes (theres a drag and drop tool for this) Overall it feels like the level of pain required to get custom AI traffic installed and working jumped by 3. Hopefully a tool like OCI comes along to take care off it for you because managing it manually is near impossible now which is a shame.
  13. Update for anyone else following along with MSFS 2020 trial and error. (thread in Alpha India Group forums) FSX model files (but not P3D converted ones) and liveries have been shown to work in MSFS2020 once you conform the package to the new format, adding json files for everything etc. But it does crash to desktop pretty quickly with these MDLs. At least for a few moments I was able to see an FAIB 737-800 with the Southwest livery in MSFS2020 using PSXT 18.7 (That model isn't PBR so it was almost glowing at night time) With the amount of work it took me to do one livery I can't see converting hundreds of liveries or a few dozen aircraft types without automation into the new MSFS file structure. Also through the Developer menu you can access the list of simobjects and from that list you can get the old AI Traffic view for each plane. It's all very hacky right now but you can see bits and pieces under the hood that could work (some time this century)
  14. Thanks, I was just trying to isolate which planes were loading because I was getting crash to desktop if too many planes were loading. Turning off player traffic and reducing PSXT distance to 5nm let me see traffic work for a while...MSFS did eventually CTD though eventually. Probably too many 747-8s etc loaded? These are probably too heavy to be used as AI Traffic models.
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