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  1. Continued monitoring and looks like yesterday it did pick up. (Currently on 37.2.2) SJX001 B-58503 LAX->TPE SJX A359 =1= FSLTL_FSPXAI_A359_Starwalker Maybe it was a missing category type the other day in the data but unusual. Thanks kiek!
  2. I did deleted the AI_liveries.xml and let it regenerate yesterday. I can try using the button. AI_liveries.xml had the livery installed for SJX. Maybe the aircraft type wasn't correctly transmitted from RT. Kind of strange it didn't show up. I will have to watch what happens tomorrow, no SJX flight today.
  3. That's what I mean, I searched the Log.txt for B-58503 and SJX when it was taking off from LAX last night but it wasn't in the log at all so I couldn't diagnose what was wrong. I checked RT radar panel and the data was there. No other aircraft was injected to represent the flight. I have the SJX livery installed <liv airl="SJX" type="A359" cargo="false" title="FSLTL_FSPXAI_A359_Starwalker" atcid="" /> Running 37.2.0 Maybe I will reinstall, when i open dbase.xml to take a look, alot of the entries seem unreadable yet PSXT seems to work normally for other aircraft. example: <aircraft types="S@,W@S,OW@S,OX@S,HY@S,JY@S,OY@S,OZ@S,F-@S,N-@S,O-@S,N.@S,/@S,O/@S,N0@S,O1@S,2@S,62@S,W@T,6W@T" /> <db reg="KVF5W?" airl="TSEYLX" type="6X@T" cargo="false" /> <db reg="KVF5W@" airl="TSEYLX" type="6X@T" cargo="false" /> I have two different installs that dbase.xml both look like this, and an older one from 2022 that's normal. I'll try a reinstall for now and pick up 37.2.2 Thanks
  4. Are the Starlux Airlines (SJX) A359s in the dbase.xml? They're relatively new on the LAX-TPE route. I see the aircraft in RealTraffic, but PSXT seems to filter them out and do not appear in the log. Thank you.
  5. Can confirm. UDP error and PSXT auto quit within a minute each time. Updated to latest 34.4.0 and still same problem. Restarted RealTraffic too, v 9.125 Edit: this was at KLAX in MSFS if it matters Edit 2: Agreed on QNH issue. It's displaying as QNH: ? and yellow on the Data side
  6. FYI, FSX/P3D version of 29.6 triggered Windows Defender virus warning and refused to allow it to install, but 29.5 was clean.
  7. motishow, I found you need quotes around the title in MSFS title = "A359QTR" ;
  8. I read the release notes on how you're doing this...will this result in the aircraft getting a new GUID in the sim? What happens if you're following the plane from the AI Traffic menu? Will it drop?
  9. I think the FAIB 747 also does this if I remember correctly.
  10. I can confirm I'm getting the same, on different machines with separate installs. This is including the hotfix. Very sad, I wonder how long the wait till the next hotfix for traffic is going to be.
  11. My testing has been sidelined by the new Sim Update 5 for MSFS. With injected traffic I get crash to desktop within 30 minutes. I'm reading people using built in AI Traffic get same CTDs. Not sure what we can about this until there's a hotfix. Until then I just keep trying.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'm using FAIB and FSPXAI and most of them load without complaint, it seems specific to 2 or 3 aircraft but I couldn't find anything strange about their aircraft.cfg yet. (A321, B738) Thanks for the tip, I can take another look at the file encoding, I usually use the windows notepad default which is ANSI. Also I've checked the AI_liveries.xml from AILG_MSFS and the aircraft.cfg in the individual aircraft installs and don't see any strange characters but i'll double check the encoding.
  13. Hi, I've been having a small problem with PXST_MSFS (24.0-24.5) that never happens with P3D/FSX version. I'm getting "Too many liveries could not be loaded" and PSXT pause with red status eventually after too many errors. In the Log file I find the "Could not load xxxx livery" but they all point to corrupted text. After a couple weeks of checking my own files I don't know what else to check. I've checked aircraft.cfg for the planes listed but I can't find any hidden or special characters or anything. Here's a log excerpt: And the summary at the end of the log can look like this: Could not be created: Thank you in advance.
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