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  1. Thanks! I just launched RealTraffic again, (did not reinstall) works now. They must have fixed registration server. Happy again.
  2. Yep, did email Inside Systems...just waiting for reply. Sorry Kiek clearly not a PSXT problem but there's no other forum to reach out to other RealTraffic users. Appreciated!
  3. Just forced me to update from 6.0.33 (which was working yesterday) to 6.0.34 Getting Unspecified registration error too. I suspect something is up with a server on their end that it's trying to ping.
  4. Really enjoying the 748, but was wondering if there's a 3rd party texture out there or maybe something in the works officially for some cockpit textures that fit the "still smells new" state of the 748i rather than the wear and tear that's appropriate to a 20 year old 744. I've been using the PMDG Lufthansa 2018 livery, but I'm assuming they all use the same base cockpit textures. Really minor thing but would be cool. Cheers