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  1. I did the orbx fix and still have this issue. Anyone?
  2. Hi guys, Somehow my installed sceneries aren't really prioritized correctly, when trying to change this with the ingame scenery list, it wont let me(xml addons?). So my solution was to use the freee addon organizer tool. This works fine when launching the game the first time, after that, it's back to old state. Some sceneries such as FlyTampa EHAM or FSDT JFK have wrong priorities. Perhaps I have to adjust these manually somewhere? Any ideas?
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a flightstick and a throttle with 2 levers.. x56/warthog are basically what I've found but is there any cheaper alternatives? I wish t1600m had twin levers:/
  4. mustiej

    Saitek pro yoke + 2 quadrants setup

    The folks at simflight helped me out! The three flip switches might be actually broken. Thanks for all the replies!
  5. mustiej

    Any weathered liveries ?

    Thanks! The PMDG's is the one I was specifically looking for more since I fly with it the most 🙂
  6. mustiej

    Saitek pro yoke + 2 quadrants setup

    Thanks, I will do that. I have disabled controllers in P3D settings which makes things setup in FSUIPC ALOT easier however, the spacebar mouse freelook doesn't work now. Any workaround for that?
  7. mustiej

    Saitek pro yoke + 2 quadrants setup

    Hey guys im back My controls went to default somehow but the levers works now except each lever also moves to another view camera and pulls another lever(very annoying!!!) I'm going to try to get the reverses to work. However, the hat switch to use as a freelook never worked. I tried giving individual pan left right etc to each hat switch button in fsuipc but that didn't work and through P3D settings it only did a little notch to the left no matter what direction I pressed to.. EDIT: I forgot to mention: the hat only works horizontally in spot cameraview.. Why does every button work like they are assigned to 10 different control functions.. can't I just copy paste someone's setup in a file and be done with it? 😞
  8. Hi guys, Unfortunately, I found very few to none weathered liveries in the library.. I was hoping to find some weathered liveries for the PMDG, QW and/or Majestic aircrafts.. Looking for european airliners for now.. anyone know a place to look?
  9. mustiej

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    Can someone give me a tl;dr of HT off or on for p3d v4? I have a coffee lake non-k cpu with gtx 1080. With payware addons I'm getting 20-40fps on high/very high settings.
  10. mustiej

    Trackhat works but very clumsy

    On hyperx cloud 2 headset it's tilted and looks down when attached so this creates the issue of the camera not able to catch all three lights. I might change it to the hat since wearing the headset with 2 cables is just annoying.
  11. mustiej

    Saitek pro yoke + 2 quadrants setup

    It didn't work there but I'll try reinstall of the drivers tomorrow, it's getting late now 🙂
  12. mustiej

    Saitek pro yoke + 2 quadrants setup

    The current situation for me is that the 3buttons(one of each of the three flip switches) on the yoke doesn't work and the engine reverses. I might try the repeated f2 key for it but doesn't that produce too much reverse?
  13. mustiej

    Saitek pro yoke + 2 quadrants setup

    Does that software help with reverses?
  14. mustiej

    Saitek pro yoke + 2 quadrants setup

    I might contact the seller then. Also, the reverses doesn't have to be individual, as long as one of the throttle lever detent button works as all engine reverses I'm more than happy with it
  15. mustiej

    Saitek pro yoke + 2 quadrants setup

    Everything works except for 4,6,8 like I mentioned earlier. Driver issue? Everything is new. EDIT: I deleted the p3d.cfg file and only did the controls in P3D settings itself and now it starts to look good except for the yoke buttons. No idea how to do reverses, arm/flight detent spoiler though..