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  1. Hi @Wickedbacon92, Please, can you send me a link from where I can download the files for TAROM ATR? All the best, Alex
  2. Yes, but I've reported it already, the crossfeed is not working as it should be..
  3. But if MilViz will release their ATR in the meantime...
  4. It is a pity that such words have been said and, instead of doing good things for the community, we are fighting...
  5. I don't know, I don't have the beacon light issue... Have you installed the version 1.1? Maybe a bug in V1.0, but I cannot check it as I have installed V1.1 ...
  6. I didn't see any problem with tank capacities, I will check again. Should be 4500 kg in total. On AFCS the altitude below 10000 does not have a leading 0. CPL light with clickspot, yes, it should be. If you consider that we can do a patch without legal problems from the carenado, and your think I can help you, send a PM to me. Carenado team members don't reply to my emails so I took it as a "No", they don't need my help.
  7. Yes, it is VERY noisy! No, it is not required for the GPU to be connected, but without it you don't have any electrical power source. The batteries feed only a few things and they drain quickly. Another interesting info is if the batteries are dead, you cannot connect the GPU, because the GPU feeds the aircraft through them and even with GPU on and plugged-in, the AVAIL light on the upperhead panel with not come on (even if you press the button, there will not happen anything). You can either plug in the GPU, turn on the batteries then connect the GPU by pressing the pushbutton, and after everything is done, start the engine no 2 in hotel mode, or turn on the batteries and start directly in hotel mode, if no GPU available, for example.
  8. It doesn't matter. The role of hotel mode it's to provide electricity and air for conditioning. For example, in real life, you land at an airport and taxi to the parking position. There, you engage prop brake and continue to use the engine no 2 in hotel mode until the GPU is connected to the aircraft, after that you can shutdown the engine. There is no reason to release the parking brake now. At startup, you will need to use the hotel mode, because the ground crew have to disconnect the GPU before propeller rotation, to take the chocks etc. All of this in hotel mode. After everyone is away from the aircraft, only then you can release the propeller brake. Rarely, after shutting down the engine with prop brake engaged, we release the prop brake for the maintenance personnel to work something at the engine and after they finish we re-engage the propeller brake for the following engine start. I hope it's clear now. Long story short, it doesn't matter, you can do it however you want, but there is no reason to release the propeller brake before engine shutdown.
  9. You can anytime reduce the power levers out of the notch to keep the speed under the limit. Also, from top of descend all the way down to the runway, we continuously keep the hand on the levers and adjust them to keep as much as possible a constant speed. Also, for the airplanes with older engines or with engines approaching the end of time (they need to be replaced), usually the ITT tends to go over the limit, also when cruising we reduce a little bit the power levers, to keep the ITT a little bit cooler.
  10. In real life, the ATR 72 is a little bit underpowered. It's very funny to fly it during hot summer days or in the winter in icing conditions... it's a 4 tons heavier aircraft than the ATR 42 with only 300 hp added power..
  11. Yes, it really is full of bugs...
  12. Please check this document and we will talk after that. You will be looking for "42 PEC" (with blue background) actions. You will also find the differences in operation for all types of the ATR. This is the document underlying daily operation under normal conditions. https://www.theairlinepilots.com/forumarchive/atr/fctm-norm-proc.pdf PS: What kind of operations do you want to do, only "Hot and high"?
  13. @FDEdev leave him alone, it doesn't worth to waste your time with him if it's clear that he doesn't want to learn something and he is trying to convince himself that he is wright.
  14. What would suggest you the name "100% OVRD (override)". It's to override the AUTO mode, when something it's not working as supposed. There are a few situations when you use the CL on 100%, but those are abnormal situations and the checklist will tell you when to use them, as explained before. To takeoff in "extreme conditions"..... if you kill your engine at takeoff, just to get every horse power available, what do you do with the rest of the flight? There are other actions to be taken for takeoff, for example bleeds off takeoff, limited takeoff weight and others. But, if this is the way you want, ok, go with that, it's just a sim, you won't break anything... PS: it's my last post on this subject.
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