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  1. Speedbird21

    Flysimware Lear35 texture update

    Thanks for the heads up Scott, I love a challenge! I've actually flown this plane in real life a couple times, many many moons ago, and remember cleaning my shorts after both flights 🤣 I will definitely take a look at voice attack, anything to lighten the PF workload.
  2. Speedbird21

    Flysimware Lear35 texture update

    I couldn't wait, I bought it 😁 I haven't installed it yet though and am thinking about waiting for the update just to get that wow factor!
  3. Speedbird21

    Flysimware Lear35 texture update

    I do not own the original and am kicking myself for not picking it up during the sale, but I will have this when the update comes out. It looks amazing!! David
  4. If you are only swapping out your motherboard there is no need to worry. I do this all the time on clients computers, set the bios to the boot drive and you really shouldn’t have any problems. If there is no OS reinstall or anything crazy, it should only take you a few minutes. Feel free to hit me up on dm if you have any questions.
  5. Speedbird21

    GA Aircraft Recommendation

    I definitely have to agree here. I’ve never flown anything other than the heavy iron until I found this little gem. I’m a GA convert for sure!
  6. Hello all, I have the recently released X-Plane version of this plane and absolutely love it, but I would really like to get the P3D version as that is quickly becoming my main sim. Does anyone have both version and how does the P3D version compare as I know its a few years old now? Thanks! David
  7. Speedbird21

    FSDreamTeam in Trial Mode

    I rebooted, ran the updater and all is well, Houston is mine again.
  8. Speedbird21

    Vertx DA62

    Taking the new plane for a spin...
  9. Speedbird21

    FSDreamTeam in Trial Mode

    Thanks, I will give that a try and see if it fixes it.
  10. Speedbird21

    FSDreamTeam in Trial Mode

    Yep, same issue here with KIAH. Was registered the other day and now it's in trial mode 🤔
  11. Speedbird21

    T.O. CONFIG Test in blue

    I found this thread on FSLABS website. I'm not positive, but it looks like your CG is out of range for the trim to handle maybe. Someone posted a chart showing 2.5 up or down being max for takeoff. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/8824-how-to-calculate-trim/
  12. Speedbird21

    X-Aviation 3-Day Super Summer Weekend Sale

    I think this is the first time I have ever seen the IXEG 737 on sale. If you don't own it, I would definitely pick it up.
  13. Speedbird21

    Flight Acceleration - do you do it?

    99% of my flights are flown on acars for a VA and it's against the law. I don't want to go to VA jail so no, I don't accelerate 😂
  14. It's usually something in the World settings that I'll tweak and cause the inevitable downfall. I'm sitting at 30fps right now and refuse to touch it. I'll post up a screen shot when I get home as my specs are pretty much the same as the OP. I did just bump up to 32gb of RAM, but haven't really noticed any difference with that.
  15. This is usually how my install of P3D goes; Fresh Windows Install Install P3D - 115fps - One happy camper Install all aircraft, scenery and add-ons - 60fps - Getting excited now! Make 2 changes to graphic settings - 18fps - no hope of going back, no change brings it back to its former glory, devastation sets in... Uninstall P3D and reinstall - Didn't get all the directory's on the uninstall - 12fps and CTD Format c:/u See Step #1 Now if I could just learn to STOP after step 3, all would be glorious! 😂