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  1. Will definitely have to keep an eye on this one and hope you post more as development continues, thanks!
  2. I just reinstalled P3d and Active Sky and had the same issue. Like @Adrian123 said, you have to download the update from HiFi and it’s the beta version.
  3. I promise to deliver your packages on time!!
  4. If you go to the settings and then keyboard, at the very bottom is a drop down box where you can change x-planes default key bindings to fsx
  5. My time is split these days between P3D and XPL and I would have to agree, the out of box experience of both sims leaves a lot to be desired, but once enhanced they both look amazing. One of the good things about XPL is the amount of free scenery available. You could easily overload your system and never buy a single add-on. As was suggested, check out X-Plane.org and the Scenery Gateway. Installing scenery is very easy on x-plane as well, you just extract and copy it to your Custom Scenery folder and that's it for the most part. Hope that helps, David
  6. The only thing that has stopped me from trying it is that there is no FSUIPC/XPUIPC connection for it to a VA ACARS. If someone ever developed that, I’m in!
  7. Glad you got your issue fixed and I'm filling this away in the memory just in case I ever have issues (knock, knock)....does it now load cold and dark as well? I would definitely like to figure that one out.
  8. I had to watch that movie last night because of this thread 😂
  9. As someone who just purchased the plane I would definitely be interested.
  10. I have the 310R Redux in the cart...😎
  11. Attached is my current system load and you can see the specs. I am running P3D, no weather addon at the moment, flying the PMDG 777. My P3D settings are turned up fairly high, but nothing crazy. Honesty, I think CPU has a greater impact on performance on FPS at the moment, but it may just be the way I have things configured. Is it worth going from the 8700 to 9900 considering price? Probably not at the moment, so it may be best to upgrade the video card and wait for the price drop that seems to be coming on the processors.
  12. Ok, that was crazy. I had to google it and there is a ferry connecting the two that takes 57 minutes, but if you have to get there in a hurry!!! 😂
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