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  1. Hi Bryan, MERIDIANA Call-sign: Merair Cheers PC
  2. Hi Bryan, Would it be possible to add Air Meridiana with registration I-SMER to the Set Up options please? Can users assign their own choice of airlines and callsigns? I havent manage to locate the user manual for this addon but being a user of FS2Crew MaddogX for sometime I have had no issues other than the engines of my MD-82 shutdown as soon as I cross the runway entry line as I taxy clear. Cheers Peter Coveney
  3. Hi, Just reinstalled MSFS2020 and set up a flight from KNVY (Van Nuys) to KAVX (Santa Catalina, Avalon). Connected OK (after downloading and installing paid version of FSUIPC7). Got ATIS and then Clearance. So far so good. Ground cleared me to taxi to Rwy16L. This was quite a way from where I was parked and would have required me to taxy past the end of 16R. As I left the parking area and began taxying parallel to 16R I was instructed to contact Twr on 119.3. I decided to wait until I had completed my run up and pre take off checks. After doing those near the Holding Point for 16R I contacted TWR only to be told to "Contact Ground on 121.7". My question is what should I have done to get TWR to give me either clearance to line up and hold or take off? In the end I took off without a clearance. Cheers Peter
  4. Not sure how to get around this unless I have missed a setting. Every time I hit the PA button to do emergency lights test, check doors or instruct prepare for take off or landing I get the "Hi Captain What can I do for you?" question. Any ideas gratefully accepted. Due to many hours using MaddogX and FS2Crew I am finally getting somewhere with it and would not fly without it. Peter
  5. Cheers for that. I did a quick and dirty flight with KMDW-KMEM as the flight plan. Got airborne and used Hdg mode to intercept that track. Pleased to report it turned on track and would fly to Memphis if I let it. Yes. looking forward to your update. Just out of interest are you guys looking at doing a proper RealityXP version of the G1000? The one that comes with the Malibu Meridian is a pain. Cant save and load flight plans for a start. There are a few desktop/tablet type hardware versions out there but out of my price range. Cheers and thanks, PC
  6. Has anyone managed to get the GTN750 to work with the Carenado G1000 equipped Malibu. I have installed the GTN and ensured it is the master unit. However after loading a flight plan I am unable to get the Malibu's autopilot to see the GTN. Unable to select NAV. I guess it still thinks the G1000 is the master unit for GPS/VLOC. Running P3D V4.5 HF2. GTN works OK on other aircraft so I am guessing it is a Carenado thing. Cheers Peter ini file is:
  7. Hi, I have managed to get the GTN750 working with the A2A Cessna 182 Skylane OK. I would like to undock the gauges (one window selected) and move them to my adjacent monitor. Unfortunately once I click "undock" the GTN window just goes black. If I leave it where it is I can move it around the main screen OK and it works as advertised. Any clues as to why this would happen? I dont have an issue with the Carenado Piper Saratoga. Cheers Peter
  8. Hi Frank, Your advice was very helpful. I can now confirm the GTN750 behaves as it should in the Saratoga. I will follow your advice for the other aircraft. I had thought I had carried out this process using the configuration menu but must have missed something. Many thanks for jumping in and helping. Cheers Peter
  9. I had no idea there would be two! Here is the Saratoga one:
  10. OK. Flew the Alabeo Saratoga with the 530 only installed and it tracked the flt pln track perfectly. Uninstalled via Add On manager and reinstalled just GTN 750. Flew same flight but no joy with tracking the GPS flight plan. I selected the local VOR it tracked the selected OBS OK. Here is the RealityXP.GTN file:
  11. Hi Thanks. Just did a flight using the A2A C182 with same results. It just does not want to track the Active Flight plan course. I will redo this flight using just the GNS530 to eliminate anything else.
  12. Just realised I had only included the GTN Menu one. The other two are: rxpGTNgau: 19/12/20 06:48:53.240 00544 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 19/12/20 06:48:53.240 00544 INFO ] and rxpGtnSim.dll: 19/12/20 06:48:55.426 00544 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/12/20 06:48:55.425 00544 INFO ] 19/12/20 06:48:57.075 02248 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6620 19/12/20 06:48:57.082 02248 WARN ] GTN 750.1 process is running as-admin 19/12/20 06:48:57.358 02248 INFO ] GTN 650.2 - TRAINER 6620 19/12/20 06:48:57.364 02248 WARN ] GTN 650.2 process is running as-admin Also I had set the GTN as Master using the Shift Right Click config Menu. Hope this helps point the issue. Cheers Peter
  13. Hi My system is P3DV4.5 HF2. Windows 10 64 bit. I have just purchased and installed the latest GTN 750/650 combo. Unfortunately I have an issue in that selecting autopilot Nav mode with an Active Flight Plan results in the aircraft not following the flight plan. Not sure why. I tried just using the default Mooney but no joy. Included log files hopefully will provide some idea of what has gone wrong. 19/12/20 02:48:37.813 08744 - ] # rxpGNS2.dll version 19/12/20 02:48:37.813 08744 INFO ] 19/12/20 02:48:40.043 08744 - ] # rxpGnsSim64.dll version 19/12/20 02:48:40.042 08744 INFO ] 19/12/20 02:48:46.939 12100 INFO ] G530.1 - TRAINER 3300 19/12/20 02:48:47.031 12100 WARN ] G530.1 process is running as-admin 19/12/20 02:48:49.633 12100 INFO ] G430.2 - TRAINER 3300 19/12/20 02:48:49.638 12100 WARN ] G430.2 process is running as-admin 19/12/20 03:16:19.602 12100 INFO ] G530.1 - TRAINER 3300 19/12/20 03:16:19.607 12100 WARN ] G530.1 process is running as-admin 19/12/20 06:48:51.426 06320 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 19/12/20 06:48:51.427 06320 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Mooney_Acclaim\panel.G1000\panel.cfg Cheers Peter
  14. Thanks Charlie Will check that tonight. I suppose it should read similar to the other C441.
  15. I have just purchased a new higher spec computer. I had Alabeo C441 Conquest II running fine on my old one running FSX-SE. My new one also has FSX-SE and runs all the other installed aircraft OK including the Flysimware C441. I installed the Alabeo one using the Alabeo installer and pointed it to D: Program Files (86x) Steam steamapps common FSX-SE. It appears in available aircraft but when I open it on the runway at KTNP I can see thru the instrument panel to the runway surface. The actual instruments seem suspended in mid air. Also the elevator does not move when I operate my joystick but the ailerons do. Settings Controls show it is correctly configured and it works fine in the Flysimware C441. With the better specced new computer I have the graphics up a lot higher than my old one. Any help much appreciated.
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