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  1. Yes thats fine, but it's not in the quarantine to restore it. All I keep getting is temp files that keep saying they're a threat
  2. Yes ok, how does this work? And also does it matter that the main .exe file for AILRP is gone?
  3. But even when I do that it still comes up with something being disinfected
  4. Bitdefender - I've done all the exceptions and I switch it off when i try and run the update
  5. Any more ideas? I'm still getting decompression errors - this time it has something to do with the main .exe file as its gone...
  6. Done but still doesn't sort it and now the .exe file has gone from the update starting but not being able to finish. I also now get a decompression error.
  7. Having some issues installing the latest update and I keep getting the following warning - Another application has exclusive access to the file: C:\Users\Name\Documents/Prepar3D Add-on\AI Lights Reborn Professional Edition\add-on.xml Please shut down all other applications, then click retry. Click Cancel to exit the installation [#1001] I close everything down and it still doesn't work, also I don't used P3D V5 so I don't know why there would be an issue with that. Thanks, Oliver
  8. Great, that seems to have fixed it. Thank you! Oliver
  9. Yeah I when add something or change a texture I'll run and apply settings in AILR before I starting up the sim
  10. Hi there, I'm having problems trying to differentiate the lights of the Airbus FSPX models. I have separate light settings for older Airbus and newer ones so the A350 and A330neo have newer style lights. But for some reason even though they're in different sections with different settings - older has Xenon lights while newer has LED strobes - they all have the LED strobes. Even when I took them out and put them into the Default Global Fleet section they still have LED lights. I've used used your Excel spreadsheet settings and I don't have the issue with the Boeing models. Thanks, Oliver
  11. I have the same problems your having with Lights Reborn. Some of my aircraft, including the AIG 757s have double lights and others, including some of my OSP ATRs have lights trailing a few feet behind the aircraft themselves. The replies posted in your topics seemed to basically state that the problem wasn't Lights Reborn's fault, but never actually explained how to solve the problem. Were you ever able to solve the problem? If so, can you share what you did with me?




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