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  1. I see so its a matter of whatever the AI model comes with is how it interprets it in the sim Oliver
  2. So I am currently testing the XML way that you suggested and it seems to be good so far. AI Lights has detected the one aircraft that I am testing at the moment so now just trying it out in the sim. Out of interest, how do you change the lights for different types of aircraft, example the difference between a 737 and A320 strobes. Thanks for you help, appreciate it. (by the way I accidentally put this in the XML subject so it'll need to be removed, I tried but couldn't see how) Oliver
  3. They are all installed within the SimObjects folder like normal (I hope). I don't really want to move them all out of the SimObjects folder as there is a lot to move over. Oliver
  4. Hi, Just bought the professional addition and it doesn't seem to detect any of the AI models I have. I don't use a programme for my AI, I do it all manually. Any ideas what to do or I have I just wasted my money? Thanks, Oliver
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