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  1. I had the issue 4 times in a row with live traffic. Did what you suggested and issue appears to be resolved. THANK YOU I wonder if this is a recurring issue every time I try live traffic or if shutting it off resets it somehow? I will try as I really like the live traffic idea and have the specs (I believe) certainly to support having live traffic on. Anyway, thanks so much.
  2. Not here to complain. Really just trying to confirm if something is a known issue or not following the "XBox" release this week. I need to update my hardware profile, but FYI I have an 11,500 processor and a 3070 RTX. 32Gig Ram. Since the release, I seem to take off fine but within minutes I get some choppiness and then a few more minutes of taking off, I literally get down to under 5-10 frames a second. Not sure what is happening. I've updated to the hotfix, I removed everything from the community folder before the XBox patch and the hotfix patch, etc. My only real intent here is to see if anyone can confirm if others are having this issue and / or if this is a known issue. I can't find reference to it here nor on the forums. Hoping for some validation or confirmation it's a just me issue. haha.. Thanks in advance.
  3. This was announced (clarified) as in update 4 early April. So no surprise on that one
  4. FYI We received an update from the community managers that this is still being tested and is now scheduled for world update 4. Kudos to them for communicating and for testing to get it right.
  5. Yup. This coming update. 1st week of March I believe. I am hoping the fix addresses all the switch issues and not just the 10 degree issue but I too am looking forward to it
  6. are there template profiles for single engine prop, twin, airliner etc available for download with FSUIPC?
  7. apologies if not clear enough - where due to toggle switches and other items, in conflict with the way the sim was designed, change in 10% increments vs 1% at a time if certain switches or toggles are activated such as lights, avionics etc on yokes, controllers etc
  8. and if so, have they committed to fixing it? I DID research the internet, the latest progress reports and schedules for Microsoft, Youtube etc.. and I'm not clear. it MAY be out there but I did search before asking. thoughts?
  9. Mine was similar. A week or more in China. But got mine recently so there is hope
  10. any insights into how to configure different planes / setups for MSFS? are there downloadable default settings for various planes anywhere?
  11. I wasn’t aware season 3 was out. Excellent
  12. it is terrific and the developer is creative, especially for a 1 person show so far and a newer creation. Great stuff
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