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  1. Thanks Jan. I agree. I followed the video exactly and then tweaked from there. I will keep trying. pleased with the results overall even though I'm not getting what others are (due to my limitations).
  2. So so results for me (but thrilled for all of you seeing great impact) FIRST, there is a definite improvement. I am off the lowest settings now (which I was on before) so great news there.. I am getting about 25 - 27 fps on runways, including Logan (Boston). I have Number of World Objects and Reflection detail now on MAX. (right side of screen). I have Visual effects on low (second from lowest) and texture quality on medium. Runways have blurry images (yes I know just BETA) for sure. and reflections on my compass are funky. Around Boston I have approx 17 fps so more work to be done. YES a beta.. and even as is, much improved from before. But I'd say my apparently lower end system isn't up to snuff but this update sure does help
  3. I just signed up for Fltplan.com and it appears simmers (who don't also fly in the real world) can no longer create flight plans? is that right?
  4. As someone who has tinkered with flight sims as far back as the second Microsoft flight sim, but only for the last 2 months has really started to learn instruments, learn about flight traffic patterns, ATC (WHAT are they saying? haha), checklists, aviation maps, etc, I'd LOVE to have an instructor guide me to learn along the way.. For example, I just learned about low altitude flight levels at the 500's with 1-180 degrees being different levels than 181-360 etc... Fascinating stuff for sure, but I'm learning, I am sure, in a very sporadic and inefficient way and I'd love if MSFS has a robust pilot school of sorts.. Also, TRACKIR SEASONS CAREER MODE etc
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