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  1. I figured it out and all is well. No need to reply to this post... unless for the benefit of others. Thanks! Thanks Bert!
  2. I have a question before I proceed sorting out my authentication issue. Sometime ago, there use to be 2 versions of the GTN touch software: the F1 version and the Reality XP version. After reinstalling my Reality XP version with the license failing to authenticate I've read that the old license key is deprecated and that it appears that I have to follow the F1 instructions on their portal . The instructions appear to regard the F1 version. I want to double check that the instruction pertain to the Reality XP version; the instructions don't specifically mention the RXP version. Should I follow the instructions? Thanks!
  3. Yup. A clean reinstall recreated the missing files. Now I have a new problem. The R-XP isn't associated with my license. I have my license file saved but it's apparently in the wrong place. Not sure where to move it to be read by the program. Can you help?
  4. Yes. I did. I meant to mention that I did that in my original post. I checked RXP's advice about allowing files and the folder. Oddly, I only have one dll file in the programdata folder, so I might be missing some. I'm going to try to do a clean re-installation. If it doesn't solve my problem, I'll let you know. Thanks for the help.
  5. Yes. I did. I meant to mention that I did that in my original post.
  6. Been using the GTN 750 for a couple years now. Suddenly it stopped working. I get the blank screen. I found a thread where it talked about AV software interference so I looked into Malwarebytes - my AV - and found a file, programdata\Reality XP\repGtnSim64.dll, in quarantine. I added it to the allowed list hoping to solve my issue. The issue persist. This is from the log file: Any advice? Thanks, Frank
  7. I figured it out. I was missing the AFC Bridge plugin. Hope this helps the next person who finds themselves in this situation.
  8. I had indicator lights on my Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant. A windows update broke my X-Plane sim and I had to do basically reinstall it to get it working properly. Before, my gear lights, flaps lights, AP lights, etc worked. Now they are all dark. I am running the Honeycomb configuration software. Can anyone suggest how I can fix this issue? Thanks! VirtualGAaviator
  9. I'd just added that information. Yes. Actually, I think that's what was updated, first.
  10. I recently installed the new trainer version and new the GTN 750 won't load in XP. Shall I assume a fix is forthcoming or should I try going back to a previous version? If I go back, where can I get the previous version? I'm running GTN Thanks, -- Frank
  11. I stopped using the program when I installed an SSD drive over a year or 2 ago. Frustration with activation caused me to delete it. I've downloaded it again and am putting in my license key but am getting an error that says, "A License Key can only be activated once for any PC and on a maximum of 1 PC." No other instructions. Be seeing a couple guys using it on YT and thought about trying it again but it's not working.... You can't know how ummph! this is.
  12. I'm constantly moving stuff from drive to drive, My license never seems to work afterwards. I hate emailing to explain myself, like I'm a child to get the license working again. Is there not a better way to get my license to work.
  13. I created a quick and dirty video showing how I configured my Ch products rudder pedals to work with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS2020) (PS the video will come alive in a few minutes. The first couple of hours the video will be available in SD format only be will change to HD automatically, later.)
  14. MSFS2020 recognized by Honeycomb alpha yoke and my Siatek throttle quadrant. Even still, I had to figure out how to tweak the settings. Just like Concorde said, the settings were horrible out of the [proverbial] box. My CH Products rudder pedals were found but nothing was mapped to it. So I had no brakes or rudder control until I manually configured it. What a mess... you'd think that after 6 years of development and a year of testing, popular peripheral would be per-configured properly. I still have to figure out how to get my hat switch to pan vertically - by default it's only panning horizontally. Go figure. Suggestions welcome.
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