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  1. Well yes, It's possible. In fact you can import photogrammetry models from google maps. and place it as a model in Prepar3d.
  2. Just done a 3 hour flight with the A330. After re-installing ASP3D, framerates are still good after hours of flight, but I get constant shutters, and my chrome, navigraph and vatspy (almost anything that requires hardware acceleration)are still very laggy when P3D was running.
  3. There are similar contents on Aerosoft forum as well as ActiveSky Forum. stuttering-strong-fps-fluctuations-after-3-4-hours-in-flight fps-being-taxed-every-ca-30-secs-from-high-80-to-low-20-and-then-up-again Both threads pointed the problem to ActiveSkyP3D, which is still in beta. Me personally also had this problem serveral days ago, what I did is to re-install ASP3D Have done a 1-hour flight, and all seems ok, no performance loss, normally I will get constant shutters and thus fps drop to 20-ish fps after 40 minutes or so. My spec: R7 3700X\RTX2070, Windows10 Home 2004 , P3Dv5 HF1,ActiveSky B7459 All of these tests are done with Aerosoft A330.
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