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  1. No doubt I'll buy it at some point in the next few years. I'll give it time to mature and for all the hype to die down and the real would usage to be seen. I thank all of you that buy it straight away, you're the heroes that'll iron everything out for the rest of us. I salute you! My concern is the usual one. Spec required. I've just rebuilt my PC and it's now pretty well up-to-date and very usable for all of my needs (FSX has nearly every slider over to the right, lol!), but it only just meets the minimum spec. I know, it's the same with every release of MSFS, but just for once I was hoping mere mortals, like most of us users, were going to get something we could buy and enjoy straight away. Maybe this will be the case, but as I said earlier, I'll wait for real world usage from you heroes. BTW, this is pretty much copy/paste from every MSFS that's ever been released! Have fun, Rick. EDIT. Ref Price. On the fence. Seems reasonable for all reasons already been given. I wonder, if I buy the basic will I then be able to "Upgrade" to the other versions as a DLC at a later date if I wish too?
  2. Strobe lights now working. That's 5 of the 6 Effects files accounted for, what's the 6th one for? Tyre squeal? Dust thrown up? I think there may have been a tail light? Any suggestions? Rick.
  3. Right. Progress. I've renamed a few obvious .fx files to RASScout_****.fx types and now have NAV, cabin, Instrument and Landing lights! I'll work on a strobe later. Thanks for all your pointers Chaps, it's been good to get my brain matter working on FSX stuff again after a few years layoff. Rick.
  4. Ref these files "RASScout_?????.fx", can anybody give me their exact names and then I'll try reverse engineer some from another A/C. I mainly need to landing light and, ideally, the cabin light. Cheers, Rick. One to never give up...
  5. That's rubbing slat into the wounds! Lol. Rick.
  6. Oh, forgot to ask, I'm not aware of the "Reload User Object" command. I can't find any reference to it in the FSX options for controls. Can you enlighten me please? Rick. EDIT Found it! "Aircraft (reload)" in FSX. And yes, it does make the gauge show! Brilliant, at least I can still fly VFR! Cheers Chaps! Rick.
  7. Ah, excellent point! NP. Looks like I'll have to start saving a few pennies for a new copy. So close though! Thanks guys. Rick.
  8. Ah. Problem. I don't have a backup of those \Effects files! I do have the fx_2.bmp in the \Effexts\Textures already though. I only had an old simobjects backup from years ago. Anybody help? I'm using FSX:SE Thanks guys. Rick.
  9. Right, I've found a copy of an old simobjects folder. I've copied across the two gauges, the aircraft folders and RealAir folder. (FSX didn't ask permission to run these gauges when loading the Scout though). I've also run the Config to select the HSI. The Scout works, but has a few issues. 1). The HSI doesn't show until I switch to a Decathlon then back again. 2). No NAV or Cabin lights, although the switches work. (The Panel lights work ok.) 2). The landing light can be seen to light up, however it doesn't shine any light on any objects. The sounds all work ok, including the "Quack"! The aircraft flies as expected. I've uninstalled the files and tried again, but it's just the same. Any suggestions? Maybe it's time for the Flight1 purchase? Rick.
  10. Brilliant! But you never know, you may want a plane spotter for your local airfield one day... BTW, I find JustFlight support to be excellent. Rick.
  11. Maybe Spotty came with other JustFlight products too? Either way, I don't think you'll miss him! Rick.
  12. Morning Andrew. Have you by any chance installed Traffic 360 by JustFlight? If so, you may want to look in here: ....\FSX\SimObjects\JFTraffic360 It'll be "Spotty", an object you can use to wander around the place as though you're a plane spotter. I think you could quite easily delete to .cfg file and not worry about him. I'm pretty sure this chap won't actually have much of an impact on your loading times though. Maybe look elsewhere for the problem? Rick.
  13. Morning Chaps. I have tried the email route and have had no reply. Unfortunately I didn't keep a backup of the old simobjects folder (It would have been to vast to keep anyway!). When doing a PC rebuild I like to start afresh with a re-install of software too. Most A/C I'm not to precious about, so not to worried if the company who supply it go under, but the I was particularly found of the Scout. As noted, when you run the installer it fails to communicate with their registration server. I'm not surprised since it's gorn off line! I can see that buying it from Flight1 would solve the issue as they must use a custom installer for their own registration servers. I may consider that route if I can't progress further. BTW, any idea how you edit your own post? I can't see an option anywhere. Rick.
  14. New member here from the UK, good to meat you all. I've been involved in flight sims ever since they've been available in any home format (Yep, I'm getting on a bit!). But for some reason I've not been involved in this Forum. Weird. I was involved in scenery design and A/C repaints for FS2004 and FSX, so am pretty ok with under the hud stuff. I rebuilt the PC about 6 months ago and have continued to re-install all my usual FSX addons. Hope to be on regularly. Rick.
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