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  1. First time back here since posting this. Funny people are still posting to it as recently as yesterday. its been months! 😄 Still have not flown the 737 since the day I posted this but will give some of the advice here a try. I think deep down I am just hoping it works with the in game stuff soon before I fly it again. Flying it around VFR was a little boring for me because it was a bit too fast for that :D. I figured that for $70 it would work better than anything in the sim I guess, in that it would do everything I wanted with all of the fancy views that it has. Never bothered to set the views in the default A320 as I never looked into how. That and I wanted a 737 and thought that this was probably the best one to purchase. Maybe I will try it again some day.
  2. Welp, I was not going to buy it, but then I watched some videos and said, what the heck. Now I may be shunned for this, but I am not really a "study level" person. I just play the sim, fly around the world and more or less sight see. I finally did figure out how to get the 737 to be fully ready to go upon launching a flight with the FMC setting set to "RUNWAY". Great for me, as it makes it more like the base model planes in the game as far as loading up and going. One thing I can't figure out is why the flight plan in game does not seem to load into the FMC. The base planes and even the DC Concorde, which I have been flying a ton load up so that when I turn on AP and press the LNAV button it just follows the flight plan I made at the world map. Is there a setting for this on the PMDG? Would be super annoying to have to type a flight in each time.
  3. This might help you. I had to do something similar when I got a new drive a couple years ago for Forza Motorsport. I buy everything that I can on Steam now. The Microsoft Store handles installing things so poorly in comparison IMO. Good luck! https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/not-able-to-uninstall-old-microsoft-store-games/4557b56f-4d17-4c12-b30d-5cae1eb88fcb
  4. Wow for only $60 I think I am going to get this over the PMDG 737-700.
  5. I have been reading similar in this forum since the game came out. They probably will go subscription. Once everyone who has wanted the game bought it, there is not going to be much money left to be made. They have to justify those servers' uptime somehow for the group of people that still do use the game. Its like making people pay once for a haircut or something lol. Pay $60 and get as many haircuts as you want, eventually they will start losing money on the amount of haircuts and would need to find a way to get money coming back in. They will need to support the servers and deal with updates too. FSX had its life cycle and they stopped supporting it in like what 2010? I don't remember but it is an interesting point. It would be unfortunate but I see why they would potentially do it.
  6. Just bought it, already done about 4 hours of flight time with it. Love it! Did KJFK to KMCO in like an hour lol.
  7. Wanted to come back to this, saw them the other day on my Xbox Series X as well, so its not my PC idk lol.
  8. I just tried it on my Xbox Series X as well, same flight I had the issue with on my PC and the game CTD on there as well.
  9. I was on initial decent into KJFK passing over Norfolk VA when it happened. Ended up having to quite over southern NJ it was so bad. In the Longitude.
  10. I did not see it today, instead, it just decided to suddenly run at 13 fps and use 10% GPU. Have not had that happen in a long time. Then the game just crashed it got to 2 fps. I think because I started a discord stream. I read back in 2020 that there was an issue with discord running or something with FS. With my Specs I would not think I would have an issue streaming.
  11. I have had this today. It started after I had a discord stream from a buddy running on another display, then never went away, even if I quite discord. I have a 5900X, 3070 Ti, and also play maxed out 1440p. Normally 70ish FPS at cruise but was 13 today, down to 4.
  12. If I plug in my joystick after it launches it will 95% CTD. Now I plug in before I launch.
  13. Interesting. Its at night too sometimes. They are like light gray. Ill see if it happens again, on a flight right now and maybe I can capture it.
  14. I am not sure, like it looks like they are having an issue rendering. Like they are not reflective at all and just look like missing texture.
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