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  1. I'm running with a 1080ti on a 3440x1440 screen. 32gb RAM and an i7-8700 (3.2ghz). I've not been an "fps-chaser" thus far but I did notice jitters post-patch and then tried two things. The first was to reset the custom graphics settings which had a mix of highs and ultras. The reset dialed almost everything up to Ultra. All I then did was disable VSYNC in the options. This produced an improvement, sort of, but things didn't still feel right and a check via Developer Mode showed I was getting circa 12 fps at times taxiing around Heathrow. I then spotted in the forum that someone had hard-limited the fps to 30 in this (and other sims) which I then tried myself by setting it in MSFS and also the Nvidia driver. Result. No jitters / stutters / choppiness with no dialing back to high for anything. Everything flowing consistently now and that 30fps is suddenly the norm. It seems that setting a previous limit of 60 caused my machine either at CPU or GPU level to bin a ton of frames simply while trying - and failing - to max them to 60fps. Early days with this, need to check different scenery / cloudscapes and might need to tweak settings a bit yet but so far...so good. Just my $0.02 worth...
  2. In my case I discovered (with an ALT-TAB check) that my anti-virus was asking behind the screen if I wanted to allow the app to access the Internet. This was blocking everything at the black screen point. As soon as I said yes everything proceeded as normal. I guess my anti-virus saw a modified exe and wanted to check in with me.
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