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  1. My experience of small payware highly-dedicated developer sorts has been very positive too. Looking at you, Macco Simulations....😀 I'm also big fan of some freeware devs whose extraordinary efforts have boosted the sim experience for so many of us.
  2. Agree with sentiments above. No reason. I'm on 21H1 and I've got the latest "Patch Tuesday" update from Microsoft fixing the Game mode issue (not that I particularly noticed I was afflicted TBH). Also running with latest NVidia Game Ready drivers. All is good. I fly the FBW A320 mostly and running happily with that in the environment I've described.
  3. It's not that the keyboard assignment has got lost; the "toggle spoilers" functionality, or linkage to it, is broken / flaky at its core. So if you find the keyboard assignment is failing then trying to assign "toggle spoilers" to a button on a joystick will manifest the exact same problem. Confirmed with various aircraft.
  4. It provides live background technical data of particular use to programmer sorts / third party modelers such as airport designers who want to gauge the impact of their efforts on the performance of the sim on the hardware it is running on. Certain headline stuff in Developer Mode like Frames Per Second display has an attraction beyond the developers; people who want to tweak various options in the sim to get as optimal behavior as they can for their hardware for example.
  5. Thing is...the poll system is a radio button (single) choice affair. If there were check (tick) boxes instead you'd likely find many people selecting multiple items from the choice list. Many are seeing large FPS increase (I did) but degraded graphics for example alongside control problems. And for some increased CTDs are just trashing the usability of the sim as well. IMO it's hard / impossible to derive exactly what percentage proportion of users feel negative. It's far more nuanced than that; some people are happy, others to various degrees are unhappy. Wish I was in the first group but I'm not. I'm actually taking grain of comfort from the fact that Asobo have fallen very quiet after the hotfix. I'd sooner they take a breath and analyse the feedback carefully rather than rush a flaky follow up patch out.
  6. The focus on graphical presentation is completely understandable and justified but many of us would also like back the sweet working control interactions we had before SU5. Hoping that missing toggle actions / button mappings / axis problems that manifested at latest release will be cured. Hopefully that will fall into the "etc." part of the Dev team comment.
  7. Falling outside the offered poll choices is the major pain - for me - namely flaky / broken controls / control links. Despite hours of trying all sorts of advice from many sources (inc. some suggestions from fine folk here), removing all mods etc. I can no longer fly any airliners happily (3rd party or out of the box ones). My trusty old Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is struggling to do much of what it has reliably done ever since the release of the sim. Same in the cockpit, legacy mode or otherwise; mouse based cockpit control interaction is just less good than it was which is a real shame. The upshot is a year on and the thing is less usable than at launch for me currently. And I've had one CTD just from the main menu which I've never seen before. Oh and incidentally did no-one check why the ground crew "parking man" has now lost one of his batons? That's such a stand out visible (day-glo lit at that) problem. For now, I'm taking a break from it all. I'll assume things will get eventually fixed up as minds focus on the recent feedback.
  8. I'm from Leeds and the landmarks there look interesting. Such as Bridgewater Place (tallest building in Yorkshire) and others looking good. I already have Leeds Bradford airport from Orbx. Potentially this would add a lot of realism to flying over Leeds into / out of EGNM. Looking forward to hearing more.
  9. Potentially there could be several problems here. If the Install button isn't working, try and uninstall the app. To do that head to Settings->Apps and in "Search this list" type in Flight Simulator. If it's in the list uninstall it from there. Then try a re-install. But before you do, have a look at this article below. It may give some clues as to navigate DVD installs and to run MSFS - seems it needs Disc 1 in the optical drive to run:
  10. "Have you tried turning it off and on again" is now an ancient IT department joke but...occasionally it's the truth. Restarting software and / or hardware can (sometimes) be the effective answer to addressing particular issues. An analog thing like a car might seem far removed from something internally all digital like a PC but your analogy is quite reasonable. When you install patch software some component files always get updated. If you have run the software immediately before you installed the patch then there may be older traces of older files left in memory. When the patched up software runs it might conflict with older trace stuff left in memory. In theory programmers always ensure that memory their programs use is cleared down when their software is exited but for very complex software it's hard to guarantee that for all situations including such as a program crash. So standard procedure for me is to restart my PC after any big software update (even if the software itself doesn't prompt me to do it). This clears down memory properly. At the very least it gets you a good starting point to start analyzing things that look as if they are behaving wrong. Besides even if it turns out not to be the answer it's certainly the easiest thing to try first...before embarking on a run of protracted tweaks to the operating system settings, Window drivers, config files etc. etc. or whatever else is deemed to be effective.
  11. Observed elsewhere...(see Item #1) https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/sim-update-v-1-18-13-0-bug-megathread/426509
  12. Thanks for the information. Much appreciated. I had a hunch this might be a wider than A320 or particular joystick brand issue. When I can I'll check some other aircraft types later.
  13. Whether it's the out-of-the-box A320 or latest FBW A320 (dev version) I cannot seem to get "toggle spoilers" (i.e. speed brakes full on / full off) function working off the joystick button it used to. To date this has always worked - ever since first release - on button 3 on my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro (I never had to assign it manually as it was part of the original MS shipped Logitech 3D Pro profile). Tried the "Num /" keystroke as a workaround but that too doesn't have any effect. So with this latest release I can only move these particular control surfaces manually by (mouse) pulling the lever for them in the cockpit. Tried clearing and re-assigning the joystick button for it but to no avail. Assigns OK but non-functional. Might be missing something obvious on my part - always room for that ! - but all other button bindings seem fine. Did they just drop the toggle ability for spoilers generally at SU5, I wonder ? Haven't tested other aircraft yet but it affects A320s for me (MSFS or FBW Dev) In all other respects I'm impressed with this release. The FPS increase on my 1080ti is a delight.
  14. Maldives. In reality, the atolls are take your breath away beautiful from the air. From MSFS, still bags of room for improvement methinks...
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