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  1. Thank you all SO much! All very helpful!
  2. Thanks sGreen! Bookmarked em. Exactly what I was looking for!
  3. The sim I am using is FS2020. I really want to learn how to navigate from point a to point b. I can land and take off just fine. There are two GA airports near me but I have never actually been to them. They are about 10 miles from each other. Santa Paula (KSZP) and Camarillo (KCMA). I fly the Cessna 172 G1000 in the sim generally. If I create a flight plan from KSZP to KCMA, the flight plan details basically show an ascent to a certain altitude, then proceed on a given heading for a specific distance and then a descent but this does not really help me too much as I do not have details about how to approach the destination's runway etc. so I tend to fly right past it. Since I don't really know what these places look like visually I just know when I have flown too far, pause the sim and have a look about with the showcase drone. I typically find it at that point and see that I have passed it up. Is there a tutorial somewhere that illustrates how to do this kind of thing for a new virtual pilot? Does not have to be specific to FS2020 obviously but one that uses the G1000 would be ideal. Thanks!
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