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  1. Will folks be able to run Little NavMap on their PC and connect to the sim on XBOX across the network?
  2. Thanks so much Piotr. It all makes sense now! Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks so much Piotr. Makes sense as to the differences on the map verses the sectional. I would still like to know about the red line tho. Why it is set to such a low altitude. Thanks in advance!
  4. In the elevation profile pane there is a red line that indicates a minimum altitude. I have a plan that goes from KDAY in Dayton Oh. to KERI in Erie Pa. The elevation profile indicates a minimum altitude of 2500 feet yet when I have the show minimum altitude option turned on for the map I can see that these indicate altitudes above that for each quadrant that the plan passes over. 2900 feet is actually the lowest indicated on the map. When I look at a current sectional, those number do not jive with LNM's. The highest elevation on the sectional is 2200 feet around Cleveland. What am I not understanding here? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks so much Frank! Much Appreciated! I own FSX, XP11, P3D and MSFS and I tend towards XP11 for Garmin use as indeed the MSFS implementations are severely lacking.
  6. Well a real life answer was just fine as well 🙂. Just trying to get a thorough understanding of planning and navigation. I even own an Octant and a Sextant in pursuit of that goal 🙂 Sadly I can never be a pilot due to my health but I can surely obsess on it.
  7. Hi. Dumb question. Let's say I am flying IFR between KDAY in Dayton to KERI in Erie Penn. I decide I want an alternate since the weather is a bit dodgy at KERI. So I choose an alternate airport that has ILS say KCGF east of Cleveland Ohio. So I set all of this up and then go to set an approach procedure for my alternate but there is no option to do so. Why is that? Thanks for putting up with my naïve questions 🙂
  8. Thanks so much, PIotr and Alex! Very helpful. I was talking really about both LNM and real life. The question arose when I had LNM generate a plan and it chose 2 waypoints between the depart and dest locations but there were a lot of choices it could have made with little impact to the route and I just wondered how it chose those and indeed what a real pilot uses as a criteria for doing the same thing.
  9. When creating a flight plan, what criteria is used to select waypoints?
  10. Just trying to understand everything in this app 🙂 I looked it up on Wikipedia but the description is fairly vague.
  11. Now that I made a video of it it is working properly. Kind of like when you take your car in for service when it's making a noise and as soon as you take it in the noise stops... Thanks for your attention Alex.
  12. Yes. I have zoomed in a right-mouse clicked on the very center. As soon as I turn it on and off in the menu it works. I can capture a video of it if you like.
  13. Whenever I attempt to enable a traffic pattern at an airport it is disabled in the context menu even though I have it enabled in View->User Features. I have to go to View->User Features and turn it off and then back on and then it works. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Thanks Sojourned. Exactly what I was looking for,
  15. Does anyone know of an airport with a mandatory instruction sign? an example would be a sign that says something like 15-APCH where the lettering is white and the sign background is red. I am also looking for an airport that has a runway distance remaining marker sign if anyone knows of one that implements that as well. Thanks so much!
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