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  1. Lol. Actually tho a bit of DIY editing can make a good difference. I put a atc sound through a sound editor and it wasnt great, but sounded better and more realistic.
  2. Thank f for that. That is good news. Im going back some to just before the last flight sim was released. And had the cabin announcements in time. It was a popular program, i forget which, but also needed some download files to make it all work in sync and unless you are a tech guru it was hassle,.but sort of worked. So good news. Not a great immersion imo to hear prepare for landing five minutes after take off, lol.
  3. Realistic timing to flight phases is essential imo. Iff they are doing this that is good. I dont know about ai generated voices as opposed to actual audio wave file recordings but whatever sounds best is what counts.
  4. Thats what i love about Vatsim. I would take a few procedural tests before going public. Not as a controller, thats there anyway i think, but as a airliner pilot. I saw one Vatsim video on discord that was a co-ordinated scheduled event in Croatia i recall. A pilot had somehow stalled in the middle of the only available exit ramp, because had not received taxi to departure runway clearence,at pushback. Something like that anyway. It caused go-arounds for a couple of incoming flights. A ground controller told the virtual pilot to submit a serious incident report, and then laughed and said 'no im just jokin mate' !. It was sort of hilarious to watch all this but that was some seriously good virtual realism as well.. .
  5. When i first flew an airliner, a 767 or 747, 767 add-on i think without learning the basics. I realised that you dont start to brake when you see the runway and overshot lhr by about 10 miles, lol.
  6. Fair enough, but not trying to say that they look realistic closer up, just better than the very first releases that i saw. Unless im wrong there, and just imagining that but i think thats the case. I dont play the latest video games, so i can see why they are sometimes referenced as examples, but i just see the trajectory, based upon previous flight simulator. .
  7. Know what you mean but i think animated passengers (eg on a plane or an airport terminal). look more realistic now and better, than the first versions.. Hopefully its the same with this co-pilot. Its the first co-pilot ive seen, i think. .
  8. Im not sure what the video is meant to demonstrate that said the voices seem to sound better in this one.
  9. Just on Vatsim, i have no user experience of it but was impressed by a few internet videos. About three of them. There was full coverage albeit mostly at departure and arrival. They presumably were organized events. Edinburgh, Madrid, and a Croatia airport i recall. Maybe its coincidental and such events are hopefully in the US also. Just checked and they were streamed live.
  10. All speculation around msfs2024. My guess to the question is no. That said i dont think it makes any difference, either way to the simulator or game question.
  11. What i dont get 🙂 (other than everything) is how a subscription model equates to a better sim.
  12. Personally, i hope not. Its a reasonable question given other stuff where it is the model. I dont know iff server running costs complicates things, i dont get why.
  13. Audio sounds promising already, and procedure improvements too after one watching. The ai/atc controller issue confuses me, lol, but agree that maybe next year.
  14. icewater5


    I like hans zimmer track 'time'. For a long flight its not overdynamic but not quiet enough either to lose interest, i find. 🙂
  15. 1 = my internet connection is totally borked at the moment so i could not edit what i wrote. Fyi i have very high level adhh and austism and impislive typing is a lifelong problem. So what you quote is not what i last wrote. 2 = there is no disrespect, and i would like to say i hope you are doing good, fwiw. Simple as that bruv.
  16. I dont get the hassle, even iff some disagree. Provocative thread titles never end well. lol 🙂
  17. Call me simple Iff u like, but iff its a game why is called a simulator, lol
  18. There have been some awful dog attacks. Fortunately they are rare enough to make the news reports. But thats little comfort to a victim, and family.. There are some stupid people for sure, but there is some poor legislation, or lack of in this example. Some big dogs are not much less dangerous than big cats to a child, anyway. And yet still no licence requirements. Just looked up and saw that there is some legislation surrounding pitbull dogs. So thats something.
  19. I dont get it either.. I know voice-to-speech recognition complications has been mentioned. My own quick fix in the meantime might be to route the entire audio out of the msfs2020 and listen through a couple of sound editors, lol. Maybe distortion and delay, or something..
  20. True enough. Asia is big, lol. Lattitudes vary from maybe 6 south to maybe 76 north, .
  21. Totally. What i see is people who are tenacious in a 'want-list' for msfs at some point. And historical weather does come up a lot, Reading the scenarios that get posted, i still only have about 3 or 4 out of 10 interest in it. In the same way many have 2/10 interest in cabin announcements and that sort of thing. Its a diverse and subjective hobby in a way and that is ok.
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