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  1. So I've been struggling with this since getting a Gsync 144hz monitor at xmas. I was getting a flickering effect in the sim, but after locking my FPS to 48 (as advised back in this thread) the problem seems to have gone away and the sim is much smoother,
  2. Just manually add your sids and stars, I don't think what you are trying to do is possible
  3. To be honest, with MSFS the best thing to do is forget the world map and setting up flightplans in it. Just do everything with simbrief and copy/pasted the route text straight in to P2ATC.
  4. I seem to be getting the "Alreadyactivatedonanothermachine" message at the moment and can't get past the license manager. Server problems? Edit - deactivating and reactivating sorted it out.
  5. I'm just trying Global traffic out. all good so far. I was just wondering, is there something specific I need to do in settings in order to make P2ATC more likely make me lineup and wait at busy airports? I'm aware of the limitations of Global Traffic. Thank you!
  6. If you subscribe to navigraph you can see taxi charts in game
  7. Just wondering what the current state of play is like with the livetraffic mod, xplane and p2atc please?
  8. Just wondering which WX setting would be suitable for the Unreal live metar mod in MSFS please? https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/ thank you!
  9. Thanks for this answer from long ago, it solved my problem with the FBW A320!
  10. I've had this a few times and I think it was down to there being altitude restrictions and I hadn't checked them on the flight planner. I think it's just down to routing error so can be sorted that way.
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