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  1. Thank you for your reply. I looked at that post earlier but i couldn't really find a solution there. I got my problem solved now 🙂 Thank you.!
  2. That solved my problem!! Thank you very much.!
  3. Hello all.! I had a question regarding the piston duke from RealAir. I bought it some years ago and decided to reinstall again. Everything works perfect expect that i lost my clickspots in the virtual cockpit. I know this problem is caused by the 3DLights that are included in the model the developer stated this himself. The turbine duke has the option to disable the 3DLights and so the problem is fixed for the turbine version. But the Piston Duke does not have this option in the config panel. The Developer has send instructions and fixes to people who had this problem, but since RealAir died a while ago there is no support at all. All i need to know is how do i manually disable the 3DLights on the RealAir Duke b60 V2. P.S if i posted this at the wrong place please correct me. I have no experience posting on forums 🙂 Thank you.!
  4. Hello Peter 🙂 Would you like to do a Razbam Metroliner repaint.?
  5. Hello. is it possible for someone to make a livery for the Razbam metroliner in Pel Air colours.? thanks in advance 🙂
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