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  1. 👍 Thanks, Alex. And thanks also to Velotrexx for the workaround.
  2. But Navigraph DOES use a PLN file to export to MSFS. As Velotrexx said, I created a flight plan in LNV (including user waypoints), then opened that in Navigraph, then exported it to MSFS (without any changes) and it opened correctly in MSFS. If Navigraph can import a PLN file into MSFS correctly, does that maybe give a clue on how to make LNV import the same way into MSFS?
  3. I understand that it's not a priority for you at the moment. For information though, I've just checked and my experience with the 414A was with the Modern flight model and 100% realism, i.e. crash detection definitely on at 100%.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean by dual or single gear landings. But I landed the 414A after emergency gear extension that did not lock the gear down. The right main collapsed and the plane ground looped (very realistically) but it did not crash, so that is possible.
  5. Thanks. I tried joining their Discord channel but it won't let me claim the account cos it says my e-mail is already registered, so I can't post there even though I can post on other Discord channels. Frustrating. I don't see anything on their channel about missing compression sounds when turning over on startup. Am I the only one not hearing them?
  6. Thank you for that. I understand now what's happening with the low fuel pressure light, although the electric fuel pump being on before starting is wrong according to DCS's Spitfire guide (what an excellent guide that is!). I followed exactly what you said and it started, so thank you for that. Seems pretty screwed up though, compared to how it was in v1.1.0 and compared to the DCS Spitfire guide. I'm still not hearing the piston compression sounds like in v1.1.0 when turning over to start. Do you hear them with v1.2.0? Still no response from FlyingIron support, which is disappointing.
  7. I've filed a support ticket with FlyingIron but haven't had any response, so hoping somebody here may be able to help: From loading a flight cold and dark, I'm using the engine start checklist on the tablet and starting from cold and dark works fine with v1.1.0. But using the same checklist with v1.2.0 (and not doing anything different from v1.1.0) the engine does not start. I have tried numerous times and I am absolutely sure I am following the checklist correctly. The low fuel pressure light comes on when I switch the battery on but it goes off as soon as I turn the fuel on, without using the wobble pump (so something seems to be wrong there). As I understand it, this light should stay on until I've boosted the pressure with the wobble pump (as it does with v1.1.0). I give the wobble pump 15 strokes anyway and prime 5 strokes. With the mags on and pressing the boost coil and engine start buttons, the engine turns over but only with a constant low volume whirring sound and without the sound of the piston compressions turning over that I hear in v1.1.0 (so again something seems to be wrong there). It does start using CTRL + E but still without the initial piston compression sounds that I hear in v1.1.0. I know I am using the correct switches, levers, buttons, etc. because what I am doing works correctly with v1.1.0. I've followed your "Why won't my engine start?" guide in your FAQs. I've made sure there is fuel in the tanks. I've tried with and without using the wobble pump, with and without priming, also with additional priming (13 strokes). (OAT 14 degrees C.) I've tried using the booster coil and starter buttons one after the other and I can see them both depressed together. I've tried using the clickspot between the booster coil button and the starter button and I can see them both depressed together. I've tried with the unclipped wings and with the clipped wings version. I've tried with different liveries (but only those that came with this addon). I've uninstalled, downloaded v1.2.0 again and re-installed. I have tried with nothing else in my Community folder. If I uninstall v1.2.0 and install v1.1.0 it starts as it should using the checklist on the tablet. But uninstalling v1.1.0 and installing v1.2.0 I get the same problems again. What is causing the behaviour of v1.2.0 to be different from v1.1.0? i.e. No piston compression sounds when turning over and the low fuel pressure light going off before using the wobble pump? Why can't I start v1.2.0 from cold and dark using the checklist? Would appreciate any help please.
  8. It's been said in at least one video on the Milviz C310R. I'll try to find where it was said. This is from the Milviz FAQ for the C310R: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8v1vx29h7f6nl77/Twitchy.png?dl=0 They obviously know that from the C310 pilots that have been advising them.
  9. According to the devs and their three experienced real life C310 pilots, the twitchiness of Milviz's 310 is how it really is.
  10. Unjustified thinking. It does make sense. When the systems.cfg is set up differently in different planes, of course it will operate differently.
  11. Really. I think I've got the picture .... Thanks for explaining.
  12. There's no need for the sarcastic reply. I already read it several times. You said you mellowed the pitch so it feels like an actual 310 and you suggested trying it. I'm still curious as to how you know what an actual 310 feels like?
  13. "so it feels more like an actual 310", you say? There has been a lot of effort, time and expertise put into getting the flight model accurate, including intensive testing and advising by three real world C310R pilots to get it right. I'm curious as to why you think you know better than those real world pilots?
  14. 😀 I should have added this: Flysimware Discord Sever at …Discord Link
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