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  1. I never got my hands on the fsx folder, anyway if you can tell me, where do you check if there are all the planes of the game hi
  2. Hello. i noticed that in some fsx missions, like blind flight up the channel. as soon as it takes off, the atc never says anything. yet in the videos of others the atc always contacts you to give you the bows. the fact is that two years ago when I played it it was fine and now nothing happens. what can it be? Best wishes
  3. Hello everyone. I would like to know where I am wrong, in the fact that during the flight, I do not get the top descent on the efis and the plane does not go down by itself. as you can see in the photo, after the ronab intersection, to go to the giano, the plane does not descend and the top descend warning does not come out in green. where am i wrong? Greetings
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