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  1. The issue is that the RJ45 socket is held to a small bit of pcb by some rather delicate and fragile soldering. It's very neat, but not very strong, hence the repair is to do some "Plumber's Soldering" leaving great hefty blobs of solder, though obviously neat enough not to short out... My thoughts were that the RJ45 socket required mechanically fixing to either the case or the pcb. My thought was to to heat shrink the socket and the pcb together, so reducing the amount of flex between those two components caused by the stiff short cable.
  2. Hi Dave, it's down to the solder joints breaking due to flex between the PCB and the RJ45 socket, caused by the short and stiff cable. It's a job that can be done if you know how to solder small PCB joints, but as your yoke is within warranty I would get onto Aerosoft about the fault. A temporary solution that worked for me was to get a short flat 15cm ethernet cable from Amazon. The flat ones are a lot more flexible. This doesn't move the socket so much, if at all. See the I Repaired my Alpha Yoke's RJ-45 Port thread that's also in this subforum.
  3. That would have been a far better choice. I was surprised at how cheap and plastic-y the RJ45 in the Alpha was. And tiny, tiny solder joints that looked very neat but could not resist the twisting and pulling forces that the stiff little connector inflicted. There is also torsional flex caused by only having two screws at the back mounting the RJ45 PCB to the yoke, which would help to crack those solder joints.
  4. I did this last night, Alpha now repaired without dealing with Honeycomb or Aerosoft. A truly terrible design choice. Combined with the stiffness of the supplied cord, how long did they expect this to last? I also added hefty lumps of solder to the pins, but now I'm also considering some way of reinforcing the RJ45 socket. I may use heatshrink to hold it to the small pcb, or go full bodge and put a zip tie around them, just to stop the movement between the two that cracks the solder.
  5. I've got the same issue currently. Didn't realise that it was cracked solder joints that were the issue. Will have a look at this if I get no joy with the supplier, as I'm still in the two year guarantee period we get.
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