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  1. Hi Lorby_SI, thank you very much. You gave me the clues to get something!;-)
  2. Lorby, you are right, the developer has used the file Kiek, quite interesting your PSXseeconTraffic I liked it!
  3. Hi Lorby, as Kiek says I think it is possible I found today an App called FS-FlightControl that has a dll called ABToolsSimConnect.I As he retrieves the whole Flight Plan I can imagine that is bt Simconnect calls. I know the GPS variables but only has Previous and Next Waypoints. Or the developer iterates and put (???) the aircraft at the Next Ids and with that he get all waypoints
  4. Hi, I have searched a lot but I cannot find one answer! At the MSFS 2020 itself, I create a Flight Plan where there are Departure Runway and Destination Runway and select Auto Pilot to follow the route. The question is :How I get the Destination Runway? If the whole Flight Plan is at the simulator to use the Nav mode, Simconnect should know that Information Thks Luis
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