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  1. It is just a matter of learning time. When you do it long enough, more and more false flights will be replaced by true flights. After enough time, there will be no false flights left.
  2. I would like to add that all false flights in the airport file get automatically deleted once you have enough true flights to fill the required parking spots. So my false flights don't show up in the file due to the amount of true flights.
  3. Actually I had 90% false and 10% true due to ADS-B policy on ground. But I used several instances for different days at the same time and merged them all. Not what the usual user would do.
  4. Here is a fully-learned ORBX ENGM airport file, containing data for almost a week of traffic: https://www.filemail.com/d/iicbkgmbbnskbyl (available for 7 days only, will soon be included in the PSXT installation). There is also Flightbeam's KDEN new v1.1 with Concourse B in the package, in case anyone is interested in it.
  5. I noticed when an airport XML files get too large and hits the 640K barrier, further learning is not possible. Could you please find a way for PSXT to access the extended memory? 😉
  6. I have checked various older PSXT versions, this problem is now also occuring in version 34.0.0 (January 12, 2023). So seems an external factor, which is likely RT.
  7. I'd guess METAR and QNH is required to set the correct altitude to all aircraft, so quite important for PSXT. Correct me if I am wrong.
  8. In case you need help to replicate the error, let me know - I have it right in front of me. After the QNH error in the Learner GUI, after some time I get a red UDP error and application will shutdown then.
  9. Good catch, looking forward to the release notes. It is from my wishlist ... 🙂 Nico is doing an absolutely fantastic job - thank you for that.
  10. Most airports are checked are still working, I guess we are talking about <5% - with KCVG being one of them. KMIA working now (did not work an hour before).
  11. Here is the video: https://streamable.com/wedjc7 (will expire in 24hrs) I do not have this flickering with other airports that currently work.
  12. With KCVG, one of the affected airports, the METAR in RT is acting a bit strange. It is a very long METAR, but about every few seconds the METAR changes its size within a few milliseconds making the RT window flicker a bit. Seems like an unstable METAR text from RT? Trying to upload a video.
  13. Hi, my Learner with the most recent version is crashing with a lot of airports, like KCVG + KMIA. Screenshot: https://ibb.co/nLYXCnf
  14. Haha. I get the most programming progress at night. 😉 Maybe it is easier to fix without touching everything if you wait until static allocation algorithm is complete and then check if there are still open allocations, like only 11 of 14. Then just fill the open ones with 'something'. But it depends how you implemented the allocation, you know that better. Thank you for putting it onto the list. For sure not the highest priority and most relevant to smaller airports being served by smaller airlines.
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