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  1. This is really sad. The interesting thing is that was working fine before.
  2. Hi kiek! At Arlanda Airport (ESSA) has no visible ground traffic and no static aircrafts at the gates. The airport is empty. Only the live planes in the air are visible. The problem is similar at Oslo airport (ENGM). There are some ground traffic (but much less than real), but the gates are empty. Both airports are made by ORBX.
  3. Hi kiek! I installed 6.1.0. version. There is no archive folder in it anymore. Previously, I copied the modified airport files into the Thirdparty folder in the archive folder. Now where do I copy the modified airport files to be loaded by psxt? I also have airports bought on the marketplace. In this case, I previously copied the airport files from the thirdparty folder to the stock folder of the archive folder. Now how can I solve this?
  4. Thank you kiek, your writing is understandable. Except for all the little mistakes, this is a great program, many times I don't even fly anymore, I just watch the air traffic at one or another major airport.
  5. Most of the time, the planes don't stop perfectly at the gate, they move past just a little to the stopping point. But they stop at a relatively good place. In most cases, the algorithm returns the aircraft to the correct point, but in some cases the aircraft simply disappears from the gate after a short time. Isn't this a bug in the psxt algorithm?
  6. In many cases, planes doesn't stay at the gate after arrival. Typically, they move past the stop position into the building, then disappear after a short time. Not in all cases, because sometimes the algorithm returns the plane to the correct position. I checked the airport file, the coordinates are correct, the radius is also correct, the heading is correct, other parameters are also correct, the algorithm should only return the plane to the position and that's it. In many cases, the aircraft is placed in the parking position at an angle. However, the heading (and other parameters) in the airport file is correct. What is the solution?
  7. Yes, I solved it with overwrites after every update. I thought there was an easier solution. 🙂 Thanks anyway.
  8. They were static aircrafts. The pubisher is same for all of them (iniBuilds). It worked flawlessly until the last update. My other question: Some of my airports are purchased airports, but the PSXT defines them as stock airports. Why? It's been since PSXT's new folder structure.
  9. Hi Nico, First of all, congratulations on the program, it's the best app for MSFS, it really makes it come alive and completely real. I installed version 3.9.2. At the larger airports (KLAX, KJFK) I ran into a bug I had not experienced so far. After starting the program, it loads the static aircrafts and the live aircrafts according to the parameters, but randomly places a lot of aircrafts on the taxiways and runways. I also tested it at a smaller airport (KSAN), and the problem did not appear there. A persistent problem is that in many cases, after pushback the aircraft, it is in the opposite direction than in reality.
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