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  1. Hi there, We made some changes to the A32NX Development Version for better integration with GSX Pro. when the ramp agent inserts the bypass pin, nose wheel steering is disabled and the associated message is shown in the upper ECAM GSX chocks and cones are no longer used. You can now use the A32NX own chocks and cones and leave the parking brake off, when at the gate. To do so, you have to activate the chocks and cones in the EFB settings again (Settings > Sim Options). Remember to set the parking brake before the tug will be connected though. and finally we changed the refueling process with GSX so that the aircraft gets fueled as soon as the service personnel connects the hose (no need to activate the fueling on the flypad anymore) Happy flying.
  2. Hi there, Read how we ensure the efficient delivery of the A32NX to our users and how a large release, like our improved cockpit, affects the use of this infrastructure in our latest NOTAM. https://flybywiresim.com/notams/all-the-downloads
  3. Hi there, The whole team at FlyByWire Simulations wishes you some relaxing days after this exciting year and all the best for 2024. As sort of a last surprise, we did something with the A32NX in the latest Development Version, but we won't tell you what it is - you'll find out that some glaring issues were fixed when entering the flight deck. Enjoy and happy flying!
  4. Hi there, as most of you are aware, our API is bombarded by invalid METAR API requests which required us to limit access to the METAR functionality. To protect ourselves from such events in the future, we are making a change to our infrastructure between 15:00 and 16:00 Zulu today, if everything goes as expected no impact should be noted. After the change we will carefully monitor our website, documentation site and API. Once we are convinced the change has the expected result, we will open up the METAR API again in the 24 hours following, restoring all API functionality. Happy Flying!
  5. Good evening, I am back to FBW A32NX. Trying to complile flows so that my first officer will follow the FBW provided SOP. My question is about the interior lighting setup. The SOP calls for him to set lighting but I wonder to what extend he can help here. [I wanted to paste a snip of the section from the SOP here but don't know how to do that] These are the things I have tested: Right Instrument Panel but none of these are recognized by MCE. Does MCE suport this panel at all? increase first officer n d brightness decrease first officer n d brightness increase first officer weather and terrain brightness decrease first officer weather and terrain brightness push the first officer p f d n d transfer button increase first officer p f d brightness decrease first officer p f d brightness set first officer console and floor lighting to dim set first officer console and floor lighting to bright set first officer console and floor lighting to off I have also tested the Dome light: dome light dim Saying he does but nothing happens dome light bright Command not accepted by MCE dome light off Turns off the light but does not move the switch The A32NX was the plane that was loaded first when the sim was started and I have started MCE after the plane was fully loaded. All LVARS and HVARS were accounted for. Hope you can help.
  6. Hi there, short NOTAM: unfortunately our API service stopped working affecting several systems including our Installer and aircraft systems including parts of the flyPad (weather, VATSIM, etc.) and the MCDU (flight number, TELEX, etc.). Please have some patience while we investigate and fix the issue. You should otherwise still be able to fly normally even without some of these systems. Happy Grounding!
  7. Hi there, Immerse yourself with advanced navigational capabilities as we introduce vertical navigation to Stable Version 0.11.0 of the A32NX. We have refined various crucial flight instruments, bolstered the FMS with comprehensive updates, and introduced new realistic simulations of systems involving cross bleed engine starts and air conditioning. We're also excited to introduce updates to the flyPadOS with more reliable weather data from NOAA, new functionality, and cosmetic upgrades. Please read before flying: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/latest-release/ Note: Throttle calibration is now required. Guide: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/throttle/ --- Download using our installer: https://api.flybywiresim.com/installer Our installation guide: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/installation/ SimBridge Guides: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/simbridge/ Support Guide: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/support/ Known Issues and Workarounds: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/reported-issues/ Note: Not Available on MSFS Marketplace.
  8. Hi there, NOAA recently gave aviationweather.gov a huge overhaul and with that added a new API. We've now been able to add NOAA as a METAR source for FBW aircraft, providing worldwide coverage. The option is selectable on the flyPad ATSU/AOC settings page in the Development Version. Additionally the NOAA TAF source has been fixed in line with the new API, and a couple of other no-longer working options are removed. Happy flying.
  9. Hi there, We have recently streamlined the way our aircraft is integrated with Navigraph services in the Development version. There is now a single login for all Navigraph services, including Charts, SimBrief and (in the future) airport mapping data for OANS (onboard airport navigation). Here is what changes for you, depending on your situation: If you already have connected the flyPad to Navigraph for the Charts functionality: Nothing will change for you - SimBrief integration will now use the Navigraph account you have already linked. If you have not connected the flyPad to Navigraph already: You will need to link your account to use SimBrief integration. You do not need a paid Navigraph subscription - this integration is still free! If you do shared cockpit flights and often use someone else's SimBrief user ID: There is a new setting allowing you to temporarily use a different user ID for importing the OFP. Note that this may restrict some more advanced upcoming functionality. More informations here: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/simbrief/ Happy Flying!
  10. Hi there, We recently implemented the ability to perform a crossbleed engine start in the Development Version of the A32NX. This procedure allows the second engine of the aircraft to be started from pressurized bleed air of the first engine, rather than the APU. It's a procedure that is not commonly used in real life; however, it is an excellent trick to have up your sleeve if your APU is INOP! The relevant indications on the ECAM are provided by realistically simulated pressure and temperature sensors. A fully-fledged, physical fluid simulation computes the airflow through pneumatic ducts and dynamic valves between different components. This means that accurate readings can be expected throughout the full operating envelope, including abnormal situations. Refer to our documentation to learn about the crossbleed start procedure. Refer to our documentation to learn about the crossbleed start procedure: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/pilots-corner/advanced-guides/engines/crossbleed-start/ And some while ago we also implemented different automatic Call Out variations, which are now selectable in the flyPad. The basic configuration offered by Airbus is set as the default. You can customise to suit your desire, subject to a couple of rules: one of "four hundred" or "five hundred" is mandatory, only one of the 2500 feet options can be selected. There's a button at the bottom to reset back to the basic configuration at any time. To access the options press the settings icon at the bottom left of the flyPad, choose "Aircraft Options/Pin Programs", and then press "Select" next to "Automatic Call Outs". Happy flying.
  11. Hi there, short before the holidays, maybe you'd like to check out our latest NOTAM featuring a deep data-driven dive into the intricacies of our flight model in the A32NX. Read Here: https://flybywiresim.com/notams/a32nx-flight-model/ Happy flying!
  12. Hi there, We have a couple of hydraulic updates for you today. Coming soon to experimental! Hydraulic fluid dynamics In this first video, you can see how plane acceleration will impact fluid displacement in hydraulic reservoirs, making it oscillate and respond to plane movements. This will impact readings from the gauge sensor, which is placed on the side of the reservoir. https://streamable.com/zg0th0 Negative G's While the A320 is certified to accept some negative G peaks, this will still impact the gauge sensor, showing abnormal levels. If you fly it like you stole it (remain in negative G conditions for too long), you won't be rewarded. https://streamable.com/77t06g Happy flying.
  13. Hi there, We have started our first implementation of every EFCS computer (ELAC/SEC/FCDC), with their correct connections (bus/discrete/analog) and realistic logic, including alternate and direct law. Now available in our Experimental version. Read more and stay up-to-date with experimental features at: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/exp
  14. Hi there, We have recently merged a new version of the Terrain on ND. It is mandatory you update SimBridge AND our development/experimental versions. The new version solves some performance issues and we've added general visualization improvements. The latest version of SimBridge is 0.4.0. Happy Flying
  15. Hi there, We previewed some high-quality ground equipment a few months ago, namely, cones and chocks. Unfortunately, a delay in shipping meant that the ground service equipment ended up scattered around the world... teams of our dedicated developers have managed to track every missing container, and today, have delivered those cones and chocks to the A32NX Development version right in your installer! Learn about ground service equipment here: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/fbw-a32nx/feature-guides/wheel-chocks-cones/ Get our installer: https://api.flybywiresim.com/installer
  16. Hey there, Check out this short technical progress video on why hydraulics "sucks" (real time simulation of hydraulic control loop and aerodynamic forces). We also hope you like our new animated intro courtesy of our media team!
  17. Hi there, Sim Update 9 (SU9) has been released. Our Development and Experimental builds are already working perfectly with the new version, so there is no need to update. Stable users may experience some problems, and a v0.7.5 will soon be released. In the meantime, you can switch to Development. Happy flying.
  18. Surprise, surprise! We're looking forward to your feedback on the latest flyPad OS update, v3, now available on the experimental builds. Disclaimer: You may find some features to be incomplete, and an unusual amount of bugs on the ones available, we're all ears to know about it. Feel free to comment those below, or drop by our Discord server. Happy flying!
  19. Hi there, Our 2nd February NOTAM is here! We've gone into detail surrounding the updates to various systems. Fly-By-Wire Autopilot Autothrust Flight Warning System Air Conditioning We hope you enjoy some of the progress videos and technical information! http://flybywiresim.com/notams/systems_notam-2022-02/ (In case you missed last week's NOTAM you can check it out here.)
  20. Hi there, Our largest development NOTAM to date takes a deep dive into various foundational features for the A32NX and provides some insight into our development practices. Read here: https://flybywiresim.com/notams/development_notam-2021-10/
  21. Hi there, Support for procedures containing DME arcs has been long requested. We have now added this functionality to the experimental version as part of our updated LNAV. Check it out in action in this video:
  22. When VNAV? Soon! Here is an early preview of the upcoming VNAV implementation with a special feature: CDA mode, featuring FLAP1 and FLAP2 pseudo-waypoints. This functionality is only available on the Honeywell FMS, and therefore exclusive to the A32NX! Learn more about CDA here: SafetyFirst
  23. Hi there, A goodie for the weekend for our cockpit builders and hardware users: We have extended our documentation for the A32NX Flight-Deck and API with a detailed list of vars and events for most of the flight deck controls. Flight Deck A32NX API: https://docs.flybywiresim.com//pilots-corner/a32nx-briefing/a32nx_api/ And to make sure you never miss any significant updates to our documentation again we have created a dedicated announcement channel in our Discord: documentation Set a Discord Notification if you are interested in any significant documentation update. Happy flying.
  24. Hi there, We are happy to announce our in-depth A32NX beginner guide! We’ve included detailed information through different stages of flight so that you can begin your journey from a cold and dark state all the way to your destination gate. Each page was reviewed by one of our own A320 pilots to ensure that everything you learn / review is accurate! https://docs.flybywiresim.com/beginner-guide/overview/
  25. Hi there, Current limitations in MSFS prevents us from properly implementing realistic nose wheel steering. However, our stubborn developers have decided to do it anyways! Nose wheel steering will soon be integrated in the hydraulic system of the development version, and realistic tiller handle + rudder steering will require some taxi practice! While some inevitable bugs will remain until a fix, we hope you’ll enjoy this new addition! (Coming Soon). Check out our preview video: (PS: I feel the need to apologize for the music.)
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