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Introducing a "PERFORMANCE FEATURE" into the PMDG744 //...

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Dear Developers, as I am currently flying your fabulous rendition of the PMDG 737-800 from LEMD to EGSS, I happened to think about a feature that could increase stability/performance on any system out there:For most of us users remain in the cockpit during those high-workload periods (that is T/O, climb preparation, cruise phase entry, descent planning, descent, hold, approach, go-around, landing) it seems quite obvious that for these times we will need as much performance out of our systems that can be gained. As I have read all of your previous announcements concerning performance specifications for the Queen coming, I doubt that there might still be some users reporting frame rate issues here and there. To overcome these obstacles during developing phase (alpha, beta - for what ever you

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very interesting idea. I have to let you know that a few years ago now someone suggested and developed just that - a simple black box. I got really excited about the idea since seeing the plane from the outside, for me, is utterly useless (same goes for cabins).Problem was during testing it appeared not to have an impact. This was for FS2k2 and it was later explained by more knoweledgeable folks (some who have been banned unforturnately) that while in the cockpit the aircraft externals are not processed, it is only when you go to that veiw.Now, I am no programmer, I am just relating what I am aware of to this point. I think it would be great to be able to dump the entire external model or alias it to simple flying box (user option of course). I mean we do this with VC's, why not the model? Anyone who actually know about this stuff have any thoughts?Please dont let this run into a "I would not fly without an external model blah blah blah..." flame feast.Simple question: will eliminating or massively reducing the external model increase FPS while in the cockpit??

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Guest mc.kar

I find this idea quite usable. I dont use the external model that much so for me this model could be quite simple. However I would prefer something that modelled the exterior of a 747-400 somewhat. After all I use it it to position the Aircraft at the jetway or stand (that is until someone gives us a marshaller:-) or jetway docking lights) so getting the external dimensions right would be a prerequisite for me. However I think that it would be possible to design a model that wouldn't take a great toll on the system and still accomodate the above menbtioned requirement so the basic idea is still retained.There might be some hickups though. I'm not sure about this but somethings like landing lights, taxi lights and even RWY turn-off lights (as seen in the new LD767) I find quite important to the experience (since many flights are flown btw. dusk and dawn if you do it realistically). If lights are linked to the external model I would definatly not like to sacrifice this for anything.But great idea.Best regardsMichael Christiansen, Karup - Denmark

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>Simple question: will eliminating or massively reducing the>external model increase FPS while in the cockpit??I frankly doubt it you would see any significant difference but I could be wrong of course. I base my guess on the fact that having Flight1' ATR where I can disable all the virtual stuff - cockpit, wings, cabin, etc - I see no appreciable difference in performance. So how you would gain some performance by disabling the exterior but not see any difference by disabling big parts of the 'interior' - is something beyond my ability to comprehend ;-)Michael J.WinXP-Home SP2,AMD64 3500+,Abit AV8,Radeon X800Pro,36GB Raptor,1GB PC3200,Audigy 2

Michael J.

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