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Just a quick question???

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I own the 737-600/700 package and was just wondering how much better the frames are with the 800/900 upgrade?? Is it quite a substantial frame gain??One more question for fs2crew users of the 737NG, What do you think of it??Thank you very much in advance

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System: Intel I7 7700 / 12 GB Ram / Windows 10 - 64 bit / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / 32" Acer Monitor


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I don't think frames would be affected much. The 800/900 package (with patches) also upgrades the 600/700 with added instrument functionality in the FMC/CDU and ND such as adding TCAS. There may be other additions but I've always had both suites to gain full functionality.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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Guest blevenzon

Yes like said previously, I dont know about the frame rate gain, but I think everyone should go for 800/900 package as it also upgrades the 600/700 and adds extra functionality, it just makes it a "COMPLETE PACKAGE", I had 600/700 first and upgraded to 800/900 two months later I was impressed even more. As far as fs2crew I would say its a must have for that extra realism, also works with PMDG seamlessly and perfectly with no problems what so ever, although I can see it getting a little annoying to some hard core pilots perhaps, only because its a lot of clicking to do while concentrating. But thats just my opinion, im not knocking fs2crew at all I think their product is absolutely awsome especially if you pair it up with PMDG. What I did find to SLOW my rates a bit is fspassangers add-on I have no idea how and why yet.

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