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How do I just "push the throttles forward" for max thrust?

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Hi all - may seem a silly question.In the 737 - I have disengaged the autothrottle, and have pushed the thrust levers all the way forward. But the instant I finish pushing them forward, the thrust will return to whatever the annunciated thrust mode is (e.g. CLB). What am I doing wrong?Also I don't have the joystick throttle overrides the autothrottle option on - doesn't really apply anyway as the autothrottle is off!Any suggestions?CheersRudy

Rudy Fidao

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FADEC limits N1 to the selected thrust mode, only way to get more power is through the THR REF page on the FMC. Under certain conditions hitting TO/GA twice will give you either full TO power or MCT, but I can't remember when that will work.-Lee Barberhttp://home.nc.rr.com/uniuniunium/dvasig.jpg

Lee Barber - Rochester, NY


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