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  1. And the fact that PMDG is leaving it's customers in the dark regarding something we've spent money on and would like to be able to use with a new platform doesn't mean it isn't absolutely rotten customer service. Y'all used to stand behind your products and your customers, the PMDG name meant you were getting a quality product with a company that would work to support how its customers wanted to use it. It's a damn shame that's turned into "you bought what you bought and we owe you nothing else."
  2. Because I have the day off and am bored, here's another set of screenshots. Same deal, set up for the RNAV 22 at ROC, this time in CMD because I'm lazy. Hit VNAV and... As a side note, with the AT disconnected but armed, it appears that it will not wake up for low speed protection. On downwind with HDG SEL and ALT on, I disconnected the A/T, reduced thrust to idle. Speed bled off into the yellow dots, then ALT got a yellow line through it and the aircraft started descending to keep the speed above stall. Throttles never budged.
  3. Screenshots were taken about 10 seconds apart, the first shot shows the conditions right before I hit VNAV with speed stable at the 5 bug. The engines respond as would be expected in the mode shown on the FMA unless the A/T is disconnected again (in this case I hit the A/T DISC right after the second shot was taken and carried on my merry way). As far as I can tell, there isn't any envelope protection or A/T wakeup function with that switch off on the real thing, but it also certainly wouldn't be unheard of for this to be an undocumented "feature."
  4. Situation: Flying manually with A/T disengaged (A/T ARM off), FDs on in HDG SEL/ALT, SPD window open to appropriate bug speed. Setting up for an RNAV approach. I want to get VNAV PTH guidance on the approach, so I select VNAV on the MCP. Immediately A/T goes into SPD, window blanks, and target speed increases to DES. The first time I noticed this I was flying level at bug speed, when the A/T kicked in back to 240k it really upset the apple cart. Per FCOM 4.10.3, with the A/T Switch OFF, A/T activation is disabled. Is this something the real bird does?
  5. Just out of curiosity, why does this cause the autoland to fail? Don't the IRS' just keep humming along on DC power when you screw up the gen config?
  6. Rebooted and tried on another leg, seems to work fine now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I'm not getting the wind data uplink to work. Hit LSK6R to SEND, get "SENT" prompt, but never get the data. I'm using PFPX and have verified that the XXXXYYYY.wx file is in [FSX]/PMDG/WX. Worked fine last time I flew with the 777, has the format of the file changed at all?
  8. Whyyyyyyyyy does the navdata always take sooooooo longggggggggg to installlllllllllllll
  9. Getting DB connection errors at the store, almost certainly a server load issue. Doesn't mean anything. Anyone else able to refresh the thread but not able to load the forum index?
  10. Dude. Take a couple cases of Mountain Dew over there. Quickly. We're all counting on you man.
  11. I'm already getting sporadic error messages so we must be close.
  12. Yes, topics like "why this crew is taking so long with the release paperwork?"
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