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  1. How did you get a template for the 777-300ER in Topcat? Can you post the details or text file. Phil
  2. Thanks for that the .dll's wern't in place I've downloaded and installed the latest 2.602 update and all is fine now. David's scripts are working spot on. Thanks for your advice. Peebee
  3. Hi, I've been trying both David's CS 727 and CS 707 scripts but only getting partial success. In both aircraft a lot of the switches arn't being operated, the altitude in the 727 isn't being set the heading and course isn't being set in the 707, just as a couple of examples. I followed the instructions regarding the folder locations to copy to and to run the app afterwards. The checklist defaults to generic jet for both the aircraft but I have manually changed them to the correct CS 727 or 707 checklists. At startup I have to force flight mode each time. Is there something I might have missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Peebee
  4. Great stuff David, had a disaster at the weekend with a total disk crash. I'm just in the process of installing my scenery the aircraft followed by the bells and whistles. Looking forward to trying it. Thanks for sharing. Best regards Phil
  5. Thx David, I'm looking forward to trying them Phil
  6. Hi David, great stuff I have been looking for J41 scripts and flows, please make them available. Can they be emailed? Phil Hi David, great stuff I have been looking for J41 scripts and flows, please make them available. Can they be emailed? Phil
  7. Hi Al, ive tried pasting your values into one of the existing topcat configs with a view to saving them with thename you have given them. But the text just goes into one lrge block instead of line by line. When I save as your filename and start Topcat its not listed in the configs that I can select. What have I done wrong? Phil
  8. Will the weight calculations in pounds convert to kilograms if KGS is selected as the unit of weight? Or does it need a complete set converted into kilograms
  9. Hi, if I copy and paste your setting sweetFX.txt and rename the original default, will this enable your settings into sweetFX? Phil
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