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Manual Pressurization

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Hi PMDGI was watching Aircrash Investigation last night about Helios flight 522 and the crash they had due to being unconcious and running out of fuel. They had forgotten to check the pressurization panel which was set to manual not auto. This resulted in them recieving a warning sound which they mistook for a Take off Config Alarm as the alarm sounds for both systems were Identical. I recreated the flight last night making sure I left the panel to manual but did not recieve this alarm. Is this alarm not recreated in your 737 series?Regards Jason

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Jason,If I recall correctly the aircraft involved in that incident was a 737-400, the classic series. Our aircraft is an NG and it's possible this behavior was changed...

Ryan Maziarz

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Hey Jason,It was the B737-31S with reg. nr 5B-DBY, named "Olympia". Once the aircraft is airborne this alarm sounds only in case cabin altitude exceeds 10,000ft. This is also true for the NG series not just the classics. Boeing has received a lot of criticism about the lack of a more "outright" or a more specific warning since this alarm sounds in other cases as well. A good knowledge of the airplane's operation though shouldn't allow a flight crew member to misinterpret these warnings. Check out this topic:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...d=136029&page=6 The report of the investigation team pointed out some weaknesses of the system and made a couple of recommendations to the manufacturer. For instance the fact that the "Manual" indication light on the pressurization panel is in green while "Auto" is amber was considered improper and confusing since in aviation amber (and red) are the colors that require the crew's attention. Furthermore with green being a "weak" colour it was often difficult to notice that the indication was illuminated specially in the morning when the sunlight comes from the side. Helios departed at 9 in the morning heading northwest, so the sunlight was coming from the co-pilots window and I'm sure you already know above which pilot's side the pressurization panel is located... But even so, the fact that the crew did not interpret the warning correctly and did not check the pressurization panel which was included at least 3 times in their checklist is just outrageous.As I 've read in many posts here at the forum, this warning is not modelled in the PMDG NG, so for us simpilots it's pretty much up to our "professionalism" and procedure-oriented performance to keep those simpassengers alive and kicking!Regards & jet blastChris Margaritopouloshttp://img256.imageshack.us/img256/3804/kr...tforumbapn1.gif

Chris Margaritopoulos

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As far as I can recall, Jason, the warning horn is not modelled in the PMDG NG.Don't be"alarmed" if you don't hear it :(CheersQ>

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