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Long time no see.

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G'day gents,Some of you older hands my possibly remember me, I was active on the boards up until a year or so back.I recently upgraded my PC to a considerably more grunty spec and at the same time have returned to my former flames, the 747 and 767. On account of limited time to enjoy long-hauls, I've spent the past year or so pottering around europe with a less-than-top-shelf add-on of the A320 and while it was agreeable, I had forgotten about the joy of flying a truly hi-fidelity simulation. Now I'm enjoying fluid frames with 100% AI at my favourite airports, complete with AES, not to mention overcast cloudy skies. I have officially achieved sim-nirvana!Not that I'm here to gloat mind you, sorry. :)What I was posting to tell you was that when I re-installed my 747 I decided to set up random failures, something I had never done before. I promptly forgot about it and started plying the LH and BA 747/767 routes around Europe and the middle east. Last night I was taking off out of EGLL bound for KJFK when I suffered a number 3 engine fire shortly after rotation. The fire bell scared the bejesus out of me too, I can tell you! Once I had regained my composure I cancelled the warning, got the aircraft stabilised, engaged the AP as soon as possible on runway heading, set the alt to 5000 feet and then went to my immediate actions. I didn't have a copy of the QRH on hand to follow so I had to guess my way through this. Lesson number one, HAVE ACCESS TO ABNORMAL PROCEDURES! I know there is a nicely laid out PMDG 744 checklist available in the FS kneeboard, is there a similar abnormal/emergency procedures file available anywhere? If not, I'm going to code one.With the fire under control and the number 3 shut down, I levelled at 5,000 feet and entered a hold. I then took time to ensure there were no secondary failures or likelihood thereof, and assessed my options. Without doubt a return to EGLL was going to be called for. I was significantly over MLW so I exited the hold and vectored out over the south coast at 15,000 feet to dump fuel, apologies to the residents of Brighton if your laundry came off the line smelling of kerosene, there was a southerly wind aloft!Once I was down to MLW I self-briefed for an approach back to Runway 27R and started vectoring back towards London city. The landing was uneventful but weather conditions were deteriorating so I was frankly glad to be on the ground!To summarise, if you - like me - have operated your 747 to high standards of realism but have not yet dabbled in failures, I strongly encourage you to try it out. I had no inkling this failure was coming and it really tested my abilities, perhaps more so than any other fs event I've encountered. Thanks again PMDG for a wonderful add-on, I regret having left it in the hangar for so long. I was on the fence about getting the MD-11 but now my mind is made up, I want to see consequence pages and three thrust levers on the center console!CheersMark

Mark Adeane - NZWN

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Hey Mark, welcome back to the fold. :-)Failures is really where the fidelity of PMDG's systems modeling is so apparent.I always fly with random failures turned on - so I keep a printed copy of Abnormal handy. Have had several "intersting" experiences, to say the least. :-coolAmazing how many things can go wrong, and yet the bird still flys! (well, not really I guess, considering how much redundancy there is).- Bill

- William Ruppel, CYKF, VATSIM 816871

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I must get into the habit of setting the random failures feature. Your post certainly puts me in the mood for this :-)

Gavin Barbara


Over 10 years here and AVSIM is still my favourite FS site :-)

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