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  1. I'm hardly a newbie at this. The behavior I'm seeing with the 747 brakes is new. I haven't been able to consistently reproduce this, but there are times when just briefly touching the brakes causes a +1 increase in the temps; How can that be right or normal, in any circumstance?? I will continue to try to find a repro case and will post a video when I figure it out. Thanks.
  2. During VATSIM's hugely popular "Cross the Pond" event today, there was a very long wait from pushback to takeoff (I was number 30 or so in the conga line at KJFK!) Twice during this extended taxi process in my 747-400, I had multiple tires blow out due to severely overheated brakes, and had to use the maintenance page to repair the tires and cool the brakes. I certainly wasn't doing anything unusual w.r.t. braking. Nothing I haven't done hundreds of times in the part. This is new behavior since I updated the QotS II to the latest version (i.e. after the 747-8 release). If you need me to do anything on my end to assist determining root cause, please let me know. - Bill
  3. Chuck, I'm not clear if updating to 3.2 scenery would require you to re-install your scenery add-ons. They say the content and scenery updates are "optional", but they never do say whether upgrading those will impact third-party add-ons! Personally, I want ALL of the updates, not just the client update! But, at the same time, I don't want to have to re-install all my third-party things. Does anyone have a definitive answer to this? Thanks.
  4. FYI, using the nVidia frame rate limiter with my 2GB GTX 770 + 335.23 drivers causes frequent, random stutters (well, actually a "freeze" in which FSX does not run) lasting 4 or 5 seconds on average every 30 seconds or so. Unflyable! So, for now, I'm using the internal frame rate limiter. See my profile for my complete system specs.
  5. Under the Weather tab of Display Settings.- Bill
  6. The best way to figure out what is going on is FS is:1) Start FS2) Start "perfmon"3) Go to "Counter Logs" under "Performance Logs and Alerts"4) Create a new log, and configure the log to collect stats on the FS process (and other things like swap file, CPU, etc) and log to a file.5) Start the log6) Perform a flight7) Stop the log8) Open the log file in perfmon, under "System Monitor", and analyze.The trick is, of course, you will need to learn how to use perfmon properly (there is online help available from perfmon). :)- Bill
  7. The poop is that the 747-400 fuel system is too complex for FS - hence, PMDG had to model their own system.The only way to avoid those messages is to disable "flying tips" in FS.- Bill
  8. I have the same odd behavior as noted on Pete's board.Hey Lefteris or other PMDG guys - would you please take a look at the thread there and contact Pete?http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?...=423361#p423361Thanks,- Bill
  9. Personally, I am extremely disappointed that ACES did not address the weather problems with FSX, since the problems were so well-known in FS9.To add salt to the wound, ACES actually made things WORSE in FSX - the workarounds that are currently available for FSX (Active Sky and Pete Dowson's FSUPIC) do NOT work properly (i.e. extreme wind shifts sitll occur, just less frequently, and at the cost of CPU and frame rates). And, unless ACES makes some changes, none of the experts is hopeful that a viable workaround is even POSSIBLE with FSX. How's that for a bummer? :(- Bill
  10. Now THAT is cool. =)First thing I would try: update to the latest nVidia reference drivers.- Bill
  11. One thing I have noticed with the taxi lights, that surly is not correct: They don't point staight foward, but maybe 15-20 degrees to the right.- Bill
  12. As far as I can tell, you have the MCP configured correctly.Perhaps you have some sort of weight imbalance that is causing an unnatural nose-up attitute??Try reloading pax/cargo/fuel with the Load Manager.- Bill
  13. I presume you're using the 747X? If so, it doesn't use FSUIPC, so that is why there is no option in the UI.Must be a documentation leftover from the FS9 version (which does use FSUIPC).- Bill
  14. Same behavior here, using 32-bit XP, and latest nVidia drivers.- Bill
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