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Guest j25

in FMS: changing arrival runway.. how?

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Guest jasp25@gmail.com

Hello!I tried to search this one but I didn't find anything that explains it well.. Situation:You have your flight plan completed pre-flight.. and you have your arrival runway set-up in your FMC. Upon descent, ATC advised you to land on a different runway.. how do you change that information in FMS?Thanks for the help!-jasp

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Simply go into the CDU and hit the Dep/Arr button. Deselect the runway which you had originally, Select the new runway, arrival, and transition (if appropriate) and hit EXEC. Then go to the legs page and get rid of any discontinuitiesJohn Veldthuishttp://www.virtualpilots.org/signatures/vpa475.png

John Veldthuis

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It can be that easy, but there is a trick if you are "on vectors" which you can use. Modify the route such that there is a fix (perhaps IAF) that you are being vectored to but don't EXEC until you are on a track to the fix. Then the EXEC can be followed by re-engaging LNAV and you are on your way.

Dan Downs KCRP

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Guest 413X3

Dan, does that get rid of the disco that i always get when changing the approach and runway? I can never seem to get rid of that, if i put a fix first will that fix it?-Alex

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Heres a little trick I use on final approaches if Im getting Vectored in.Lets say youre landing at KMCO and FS9 ATC gives you the ILS 18R approach.After you select the runway go to the legs page of the FMC. If youre being Vectored in youll want the IAF to be your next waypoint. In this case " NAVAL ". Hit the coresponding LSK for NAVAL, go back to page 1 and hit 1L LSK. The inbound course is 183 degrees. Put in 183 in the scratchpad and press 5R LSK for the inbound course. Execute the changes. The EHSI will now display the approach with a solid magenta line representing the inbound course.Hope this helps.

Kevin Hester,


Indianapolis, Indiana

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