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Hey y'all, I had an interesting experience with the DC-3 lastnight. I made an approach in about 2 miles visability, temptures around freezing. I had the cowl flaps trailing, rpm about 2400, manifold pressure about 20. I was high and fast when I gained sight of the runway, but since it was a longer runway, I decided to go ahead and land long, slowing down as much as I could. As I recall, my airspeed was somewhere around 95-100 knots indicated when I had visual on the runway. I slowed and nearly came to a stop on the runway and needed a little more power to taxi clear but couldn't get any more than about 17lbs manifold pressure, not enough to get the plane moving again. I ended up slewing my way clear of the runway as it was a multiplayer flight and had another DC-3 on final behind me, and shut down my engines. After letting it sit, I fired the engines again and was able to produce full power. Now, did I do something wrong on final, or was maybe weather (temperature) a contributing factor, or just my simulator bugging out?What do you guys think?

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